Dadi Janki – 09/12/2012

Experience the great joy of effort.


I used to say ‘Om Shanti’ three times for Who am I? Who do I belong to? and What do I have to do?  Now I am saying Om Shanti three times: Shiv Baba is saying Om Shanti, Brahma Baba is saying Om Shanti and the children are saying Om Shanti.  We have to become complete and perfect in a very simple manner.  There should never be the sound emerging in the self that ‘I am making so much effort but there is no visible result’.  My feeling now is that no matter how much effort I am making, there is great joy in it.  Effort is being made in everything – walking, eating, sleeping.  (They  have just cut Hansaben’s birthday cake, and Dadi will be leaving Ahmedabad Lotus House for Madhuban).  There are so many people in Madhuban now and each one is making each moment so worthwhile.


A sensible person is one who doesn’t have the slightest bit of ego or arrogance of their sense and understanding.  But also one doesn’t need to be disheartened if you do not have that same understanding.  Baba is giving all His children the gift of a lift.  When we go down the stairs it is easy, but when we are going up it can be a little difficult, but when we have a lift it is so easy to reach the highest level.  Make sure that you use every breath and thought in such a way that success is shimmering and dancing with you at every step.


Dadi has never had the habit of saying ‘no’ and if anyone says ‘no’ to anything Dadi will not give them cake!  Those who follow shrimat enjoy saying ‘haji’ at every moment and at every step – they do not have the wisdom to say ‘no’ to anything!  All of you are celebrating with so much happiness so make sure everyone is experiencing this happiness.  No matter how many responsibilities there are, just take light and might from Baba and make the impossible possible.  Service brings a sparkle to our face.


Om Shanti


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