Dadi Janki – 09/09/2012

A yogi life – simple, easy, natural

With Baba in my life, life is simple. A life of yoga and knowledge is very easy. To understand knowledge is enjoyable. Even in old age people enjoy understanding knowledge. We really have a human life – a life that is light. We are light in our being. I like the English word ‘light’. In Hindi the word for light is ‘halka’ (meaning weightless). We are weightless. Our happiness is overflowing. The more happiness we have, the more we donate it and the more it increases. Why should we hide it? What else do we want in life?


No matter what, I need to have yoga. Some look at their watches during yoga. It’s not about clockwatching but enjoying. We are seated in a royal court; let us sit that way. In yoga I am experiencing what the land beyond may be like so that I’m able to go to Paramdham.


Q: As we progress spiritually one thing becomes firm: we have nothing else to do but make our stage uninfluenced by the world or what is happening around us and be able to influence the environment around us…

What is happening internally should be taking care of the circumstances in such a way that I don’t have to manage the situation.


Q: Our stage influences the service we do. Administrative activities are required of us. So, how should I apply myself in such a way that my spirituality is uninfluenced, whilst taking care of the administrative activities? I have to pay attention to what is going on. Am I able to apply what Baba wants me to in this situation? Am I ever influenced by anything else?  Is there ever a question of ‘Should I be doing it this way or that way?’


What is administrative activity? We just have to learn to be naturally free from a ‘doing’ consciousness. Yes, take care and look after your stage. But by only focusing on your stage, you won’t be able to take care of it. Your stage should be natural. You shouldn’t need to think: is this person doing right or not? Everyone is doing well.


What is natural? I don’t plan what I share with you. I don’t think about that while sitting in yoga – it wouldn’t be yoga. Thinking is not necessary. Let my nature be of a yogi, then it will be natural. I share in class the kinds of conversations I have with myself. Morning or evening, the thought is: how would Baba come to class? How would Baba sit? How happy Baba was, walking around and seeing us doing our activities, and how refreshed we would be on seeing him – we would blossom under his attention. That was Baba’s administrative activity. So, while walking around, see father and follow father. Baba was responsible and we would be doing things. There was the feeling that service was happening but the experience of our fortune in being able to see Baba helps us move along even today.  What does it mean to ‘pay attention to my stage’? Simply that my stage of being humble and an instrument is doing the service. Not that I’m looking at the service and then creating my stage. Service is: what Baba has taught me and helped me develop in my life.


Dadi was asked what she thought about the fact that in one culture there’s no calendar post 2012. They will have their reason but Baba has always said: I am not going to give you a date; just be ready. So there isn’t this feeling: I belong to someone or they belong to me. I am a yogi. Baba often talks about destruction and the body finishing. I just have to have the concern I have to create such a stage.  Destruction will come but we will be dancing and singing in intoxication. To think, talk about or make a situation bigger is a big mistake. I’ve progressed because of that intoxication, not because I’ve been busy working.  How did I come here? It’s God’s plan. Whatever is to happen will happen. So create your stage naturally in this way. Then people seeing you will want to have that stage and that intoxication.


Who will develop the power to discern? One who can pack everything up and face. This should be natural for you. Everything is packed and I’m ready – to go home. You’re not a bird holding on to the branches, are you?  Because then you’ll be hunted and caught. No, be one ready to fly to the foreign land with your wings of zeal and enthusiasm. When there is happiness, everything happens so easily and there’s great enjoyment in life.


Let every step bring some income. Be so sensible that you don’t waste even a second. Thinking too much, you waste time, you don’t earn an income and you lose your happiness. Don’t let your feet be on the ground and get dirty; it’s not in your honour. You’ve wasted all your life behind thoughts and expectations. Why should I love something that is foreign to me? To claim something foreign as yours is stealing. We are here for service. Everything belongs to Baba, nobody belongs to me: we have 2 sq ft and we are able to claim the world sovereignty.


Baba has made you an instrument for this role. The problem is that we forget this. Instrument consciousness gives a lot of happiness and enables us to do things in the right way and be humble. Humility is the highest of all qualities. With humility, sweetness works naturally, so a lot of work happens easily. In fact, you don’t have a lot of work to do; you just have to have this consciousness.


This afternoon I woke up and had to ask where I was. This is spirituality: I am dancing inside and I don’t need to worry about where I am physically. I often experience I’m dancing or on tour with Baba, Mama, or Dadiji. We will never be separated and that’s why we won’t experience sorrow. We’ve had the fortune to experience Godly activity and to play with God. God is creating a new world and we are His companions in this. Are these not high class things to think about?  Let your stage could be natural in this manner from today. Let your attention never go to what is ordinary.


Om shanti.


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