Dadi Janki – 08/11/2012

It’s time to fly

Let our feet not be on the ground anymore. Other religions may not believe in deities but they definitely believe in angels. Go to Rome and all you see is beautiful angels: some are reading, some are sitting; their eyes and face are so innocent. We say angels in English, but farishta in Hindi, but we also talk about fairies (pariyaan) who fly around in Indraprasth (the Court of King Indra, who was the foremost king of the deities). We need to know how to sit peacefully like angels and also know the art of flying. When we are filled with zeal and enthusiasm, there is the desire to fly. If zeal and enthusiasm lessen, then let alone flying, you won’t want to even walk; you will just flop down. We cannot be called Rajyogis simply by sitting put as we are karma yogis. By performing actions in the right way, we have become angels. You cannot become an angel just by sitting quietly all day.


Knowledge is our treasure, happiness is our nourishment. Nourishment keeps you fit and strong. Angels are strong and capable. They are small in physique but strong. Dadi remembers how Baba used to make the younger sisters in the yagya do somersaults. Baba sustained us in an entertaining way. Baba has given us so much love. Who could love us to the extent Baba does? It is this love that has nurtured us and made us angels. By eating the nourishment of happiness, we are strong and yet light. Our moods cannot fluctuate. Who are those who think a lot and write long stories to the seniors? Let go of that nature and you will be free. Before becoming an angel, stay carefree. There is victory merged for the one who has a faithful intellect. There is victory in faith – we have seen ample examples of this over the years. There is joy in seeing the accomplishments of 75 years, but how much do we also play the somersault (spin the cycle)? One always spins the discus on the right index finger, never the left, which reminds us there is a correct way to churn matters.


Do we have the understanding and ability to use our time in a worthwhile way? Everything we do, whether small or big, will be a success if done in the right manner. Let there be bhavna (pure feelings), nishchaiy (faith), vishwas (trust) in everything you do. Bhavna emerges when I truly feel I am a child of beloved Baba – there is no need to think too much about it. One always receives the return for one’s bhavna. No matter how much service you have to do, when there is bhavna for evening meditation, you will never miss it as you know the benefits. Bhavna allows us to trust the attainments of our actions. With bhavna, our trust strengthens. Allow faith in the intellect to do its work internally. Do not indulge in doubts for the self, or Baba or drama. You do what you need to do – don’t entertain why? what? how? You just do good. Keep bhavna in ‘doing the right thing’. Don’t do anything else in life, but at least become an example that Baba can be proud of.


Baba had once praised Dadi Manohar Indra a lot in the Murli for her service, and Dadi Janki at the time was unwell and couldn’t travel much. Dadi Janki was happy for Manohar Dadi but shared openly with Baba, “What can I do – I can’t travel out on service…” Baba said something that Dadi can never forget: “Your fortune is in the Father’s hands”. Those words touched Dadi’s heart deeply. This is the power of keeping faith in Baba’s words.


It is good to say you wish to be part of the rosary of victorious jewels, but how will it happen? It needs to be founded in faith. Check and change yourself. Baba is there to make me perfect, but I need to keep faith in myself: I have to become this. This inner voice has to be filled with faith, and Dadi guarantees your fortune too will be in Baba’s hands. These are God’s words for each one of us; we have His hand in our hand, we have His company, what more is needed? The new souls have to be enthusiastic about making progress. Dadi keeps recalling Baba’s words: you had the courage to become a BK, but now you need zeal and enthusiasm to bring about transformation. Don’t become disheartened easily. Let the heart be clean and honest. If I say God resides in my heart, but I also accommodate other matters (past, old, unnecessary), it’s as though I am throwing rubbish on God! How can we think or speak about anything that Baba does not value?


Whenever Dadi is asked by new contact souls whether she is married, Dadi says, “yes I am married to Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts). We have two children: son is Happiness and daughter is Peace. We have a small and happy family”. Churn on such entertaining matters that are totally true. We are not having small, useless chit-chat. Who belongs to me? Who is my all-time companion? Who will be with me throughout the cycle? How will I receive the fortune of the kingdom for half the cycle? This is only possible when I am full of happiness and peace, and make Dilaram my companion.


Baba once told, “Always consider yourself to be a maharathi”. Even in bhakti, Dadi preferred elephant rides to horse-riding. A horse has to be steered, reins have to held carefully. An elephant does not need to be told much. There is pride in being a maharathi. Just be stable on your seat. But simultaneously Baba also reminds us of how large the elephant ears are, and how disturbed an elephant gets if an ant gets trapped in the ear! Look at the contrast between an elephant and ant, and yet an ant can defeat an elephant; when we indulge in listening to wasteful matters, we fall from the maharathi stage; we become unconscious on our role and duty. So be careful about what you hear. Maharathis become Mahavirs (great warriors). Sita did come under the influence of Ravan, but not Hanuman Mahavir. We have read and enjoyed these stories in bhakti, and they teach us a lot at the right time. Why is Mahavir praised so much? He was strong in conveying God’s message. Those who take intiative become Arjun. Those who are motivated to perform good actions are deities; those who have to be told to do good actions are human beings. And those who do not do even after being told…


We have a mine of pearls of experiences with us. Just emerge and use them whenever you need. It will never diminish. You will never get good gold on the surface; you have to dig deeper into the mine of your consciousness. Go into the deep truth of the self. Stay in remembrance and clear the account of negative karma. Let the cleaning continue, and emergence of truth take place. You need strength to dig deeper. Some are happy with the colourful pebbles floating on the surface of the ocean – those are good too – but dig deeper and you will find jewels. Knowledge works in a similar way. Knowledge makes us sweet and wealthy. Share one jewel of knowledge and receive thousand in return. Those who practise this, understand the value. Do what you need to do now – who has seen tomorrow…



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