Dadi Janki – 07/10/2012


Dadi Janki’s sharing based on today’s Avyakt Murli – 7th October 2012

Do I have true self respect for myself and in my relationships?  It is so important to stay in self respect, then we feel that nothing is lacking and we have intoxication and co there is no room for doubt.  Doubt comes because we do not pay full attention to maintaining the intoxication of my stage constantly.  We get too caught up in service.  When Dadi was sitting on the stage yesterday for the felicitation, she did not wish to sit in an ordinary way.  She sat with the intoxication that ‘I have played a part with God for 75 years and others do not even know Him!’.

It is important to pay attention that in our relationships for service that I do not become dependent on anyone and I do not make anyone dependent on me.  If I am taking service from someone, they may have the bhavna that they are serving for Baba, but in reality I am dependent on them, so that is not really service.  I have made them dependent on me.  Baba was not dependent on anyone, even on Mama.  Mama left the body so suddenly.  She did so much service and yet she went away.  Baba did not want anyone to express sadness at Mama leaving.

While Mama was in the corporeal when we would say Mat Pita, Baba would say – this one, Mama is the mother and this one, Baba is the Father.  Baba was the mother as we took birth through his mouth and then Mama was the mother to sustain the children.  However, when Mama left the body we would say Mat Pita for Baba himself.  After that time, Baba inculcated all the qualities of a mother and gave us so much sustenance practically as the Mother and Father.  He played both roles.

Baba has such pure feelings (bhavna) for us.  Dadi has such bhavna for us.  Do we use the bhavna to the maximum extent?  Dadi uses the bhavna Baba has for her to the maximum.  Everything happens through bhavna.  The whole expansion of the Yagya after Baba left has been through the bhavna that Dadiji had.  Bhavna has brought the Yagya forward.  We are eating the fruit of the bhavna of the Dadis.  Once Dadiji and Dadi Janki were having a spiritual exchange and appreciating each other.  Dadiji was appreciating the part that Dadi Janki has played in service abroad.  They were experiencing intoxication and faith.  Dadi was so pleased that the new complex was named after Didi Man Mohini – she was very clever at inspiring others to plant their seeds in the Yagya.  One also gains marks through this.  We also give great, great importance to the Avyakt role that has been played over these years.  If I have bhavna then everyone who comes in front of me will also have the enthusiasm to serve.
We say ‘Haji’ to Baba and Baba say ‘Ji Hazoor’, Baba becomes present in front of us.  This is the blessing that Baba gave Dadi that she wishes to share with all of us.

Each one has their own special role.

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