Dadi Janki – 07/10/2012

With POM Guests



The first seat we have to sit on is in the centre of the forehead. God is up above. I am a soul – that one above is in my Father. When I stabilise myself in the centre of the forehead, the feeling comes that this one is my father. This feeling removes all the past feelings of sorrow and regrets. He forgives us and tells us not to remember that any more. What do I have to do now? This is what I now have to pay attention to.


The essence of these teachings is: who am I and who I belong to. Remaining in this awareness and having this experience allows us to finish the consciousness of the body. My natural state is incorporeal. I am the child of the Father. This is the awareness to move into now. When I understand these things and practice them, I can become an easy yogi. This is not hard work – rather one enjoys making this spiritual endeavour. I would then enjoy doing my work as I am free from negativity and waste. With determined and elevated thoughts there is happiness and power. That happiness and power works for the self and for others. It finishes my weaknesses and defects and thus I can develop self respectThe aspects of who I am and who I belong to are essential for self respect.


Each relationship with the Supreme has its own power. He is my mother, my father, my friend, my teacher, my satguru. Many souls have not received love from their physical parents and this has resulted in some type of weakness. Baba is now available as the spiritual mother and father. A mother is especially beloved to her child. The Supreme Soul has so much love for His soul children. Without love the soul became empty and dry.  Because of dryness the soul became like a thorn. Through the spiritual love of God the soul becomes like a flower. When the child does what the parents want, the child becomes obedient and trustworthy and is loved more. When the child follows the teachings accurately he receives love from the teacher. God is also our friend – situations will come but that friend is available as my companion constantly.


Having realised all this we feel we have to change ourselves. This study teaches us how to think, how to talk, what to eat, what to wear.

Be aware – each soul has his own part to play. This is the awareness I need to have. Spiritual knowledge and yoga is to be used to create this vision. Look at the people of the world as a detached observer. No matter how someone is, he is God’s child. 


This actually is the world of sin. However, we now don’t want to perform any more wrong actions. We want to move away from the world of sin. We have come to such a place that shows us how to create positive actions that allow us to accumulate for the future. Don’t allow negative thoughts to come which could eventually come into action. Don’t now allow yourself to defame anyone. God praises me and I praise God – this is enough. Only God can make a soul worthy of praise. How? Because He is praiseworthy. He is the Ocean of Mercy and Forgiveness. He is the Ocean of Love and Truth. I have to also make this my praise – as is the father so is the child.

This Confluence Age is the only age where will be able to share each other’s company in this way. We share spiritual happiness. What is it that I have to forget? God is teaching us this. He is also teaching us what to remember. Things have to be remembered at the right time. The world has become corrupt, violent, impure and false. This is the time to remember God. 


When Shiv Baba entered Brahma we saw so much change. His thinking, his lifestyle and his activity changed.  He showed us how to draw our attention to God. By the knowledge God gave through him we were able to focus our attention on remembering incorporeal God.  Yoga enables me to develop wings with which to fly. I have to now leave any branches I was hanging on to. I have to move into the ascending stage because it is this which brings benefit. Allow God to take you into the ascending stage – don’t think you have to move alone. Let yourself fly with God. Don’t allow yourself to falter due to circumstances. Always say ‘yes’ to spiritual service. It is the time to return home. Remember this. Don’t get stuck somewhere due to attachment. You may live with someone but let your mind be in love with God. When you remember the Father in the early morning hours, your whole day will go well.


Om Shanti

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