Dadi Janki – 07/09/2012

Am I sparkling?

When the soul recognises the Supreme Soul it starts to sparkle in the centre of the forehead. You will sparkle when you realise yourself as a soul, recognise the Supreme Soul and remember Him. If you wish to sparkle you need to maintain a connection with the Supreme Soul. Check to see whether you are sparkling or not.

When someone imbibes the teachings Baba gives and practices them their intellect changes from tamoguni to rajoguni and finally to satoguni. In order to make the world satopradhan we first have to make our own selves satopradhan. We need to understand the three stages of tamoguni, rajoguni and satoguni. We have received divine vision and a divine intellect and it is through these we have been able to leave all types of arrogance related to body consciousness.

Remember; as are your thoughts at your final moments so will be your destination. All of you are active and have many things to do but it is important to keep on churning the ocean of knowledge. Do you take time out for this? Keep the knowledge in your intellect and you will easily be able to achieve a soul conscious stage. Only if you keep gyan in your intellect and imbibe it can you remove the arrogance of body consciousness.
Baba used to give the example of how a tortoise withdraws into its shell. In Sindh there were many large tortoises! Remain introverted and you will see how that there are many more than eight powers… Being introverted is actually the foundation of effort.Baba gives the example of how a snake sheds its skin easily and also how we need to live a lotus like life. The lotus flower grows in muddy water, yet rises above it and shares its beauty and fragrance with all.

Are you still involved in the give and take of sorrow? According to the time, whatever the situation, I should not feel the slightest wave of sorrow. Each one of us has to make effort personally. I have to make my spiritual effort individually but whilst doing service we are all together.

Now, don’t let maya be such a rat that blows to anaesthetise you before it bites! Maya is such that she will keep on trying to do this!

Om Shanti

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