Dadi Janki – 06/12/2012

Truth and Beauty


There’s a lot of beauty in the discipline of celebrating a meeting on the day of the Satguru. Sitting in front of Baba on the day of the Satguru, you are beautifully decorated, which brings you a lot of pleasure.


On the day of the Satguru you first shower and then you make yourself pretty – you put on your make-up (of virtues) and in this way you decorate yourself beautifully. It feels so good to be in front of the Father, Teacher and Satguru – all three: the Father is decorating you, the Teacher is teaching you and the Satguru is giving you blessings. Baba is wonderful and we children are also wonderful. We think carefully about what Baba is telling us. We are seeing all three forms and experiencing all three relationships in One.


The Father is so sweet and loves us so much. We realise that only the Father truly recognises us as we are, no one else. Out of millions only one or two recognise Baba and out of hundreds of thousands only one will claim a high status.


Baba has always said that the beauty, respect and honour of the teacher is upheld when the students are present in class.


Each one has their own speciality and virtues. When there’s a birthday being celebrated, who is happier – the one whose birthday it is or those who are celebrating it with them? The beauty of birthdays is now – when we celebrate them together in the confluence age.


Today all of you are receiving a special gift: today’s slogan. Follow the Father but accept virtues from each and every one.  Baba loves each one of His children and looks after them with so much care. Each one’s part is fixed every kalpa and so let us appreciate the part that each one has.


Baba has shown us how whatever happens in the drama is for us to move forward and thereby show wonders to the whole world.


Dadi has received many, many emails from all over the world and is sending each one her heartfelt thanks and loving appreciation, which she trusts you are receiving.


Om shanti.


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