Dadi Janki – 05/11/2012

One with an honest heart can remain happy


There is no corner of the world now where there is total peace. There is no human being who can give peace to others. However, there are Baba’s centres all over the world and each one is an oasis of peace. Look at Brahma Baba’s face. See his face and your face will become like his. His heart is honest and clean and his mind quiet. If there isn’t honesty, the mind cannot be quiet, there cannot be true happiness. If the mind is not quiet then your mouth will also speak a lot! So first keep your heart clean. Tell your intellect to order your mind to remain peaceful. Knowledge is inculcated in the intellect.


How can I become ever healthy, wealthy and happy? Don’t ask how you can become this… it has to happen, I have to be that and I have to be that NOW! Firstly, purity is essential. When there is purity the heart is clean. Within purity there is honesty. Purity, peace, happiness, love and power. But first comes purity. As you listen to this, experience it as well. When someone considers the self a child of God, their intellect becomes so pure, so clean, so peaceful, that they practically receive the strength to do what God is telling them to do. Whatever is in your heart will come into your speech. So, the heart, the mind, the intellect, activity and speech are all connected. Our sanskaras are also subtly connected.


It is time to finish my weaknesses and to imbibe divine virtues. When a person has virtues they are loved by others. They smile! Just smile for a minute and see what a feeling you get! In fact, when your heart is clean and your mind peaceful then your face will automatically smile. Someone with a pure intellect will observe and absorb that which is good.


If you want to experience love, happiness and peace then you have to first imbibe purity. You cannot say you want love first. No, purity is the mother. It is the basis. If there is purity then peace will come. If there is purity then love, happiness and power will come.


Consider yourself as a soul; a child of the Supreme Soul. Consider yourself as this child and you will feel intoxicated! The world, the body, relationships – all are here. Yet I have a relationship with the One up above. Go into the depths of the One. First have love for solitude. Then become introverted… then move into the depths of the One.


Knowledge brings strength. The Supreme Soul gives us strength to imbibe that which is good. My intellect should be totally absorbed in the One…  With the power of concentration, the intellect makes a determined thought. We need to remember that Paramdham is the land of peace. Baba is from that land and He has to come to take us back there.


Time and thoughts are highly valuable. Let your intellect be clean and it will imbibe elevated thoughts. You will then become the embodiment of bliss. Move into this awareness:  I am the truth, the living being and the blissful one.


There are three things: strength, power and energy. When someone is a little weak they need strength. They are weak and may not be able to move along by themselves. Somewhere or another there is attachment. They won’t want anything of theirs to leave them… But… I the soul am the child of the Almighty Authority.


Three things are very useful in life. One is the power of contentment. When someone is royal and real they can remain content. The second is the power to tolerate. Baba has told us to become the embodiments of tolerance. If I think about something too much then I make it into a big issue in my own mind. The third aspect is patience. When someone is patient they don’t fluctuate easily. This is why we have to take three tablets in the morning; patience, peace and love. Take these three tablets and you will have a good morning, a good day and a good night!


God’s Shrimat is teaching us to be one; to be united in our thoughts. Wherever you may come from, there is no difference between us. It feels so good when there are no differences between us. We are all one. We all belong to One. One world, one family.


Now keep your heart honest, merciful, strong and generous. Baba, the One who is giving everything is there for us.


Om Shanti

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