Dadi Janki – 04/11/2012

Let the ‘ganges of love’ flow constantly


When we are light everything becomes right.  Diwali is coming so continue to light the light from one to another and let the Ganges of love constantly flow.  It is a wonder that when we remain light we receive might and we are able to become free from all waste and do such things that no-one has a thought about what we are doing.  Today’s murli Baba is sharing whatever the heart wants to hear.  It is the time of dying alive and so when Brahma kumars and kumaris die alive it is the time to make effort to become complete and perfect with enthusiasm, so nothing happens in situations.  Some complain that ‘they are not asked about anything’or ‘no one bothers about me’….don’t have thoughts like this instead just think about what Baba is saying.  Nothing else is significant.  At present the facilities of science are allowing so much service to happen and the facility of silence that we have is also enabling such wonderful service to take place.


Whether we are young or old, go beyond all corporeal feelings and just remain avyakt.  Baba is so merciful and generous hearted and is the Ocean of Forgiveness.  Little ones especially are equal to God (subhaan Allah) and so for us to see the young ones as equal to God and do not allow anything else to come in between.  Yesterday Dadi left Shantivan to meet Dadi Gulzar and now she is on the way back from Ahmedabad.  The Dadi’s had a wonderful meeting together.  It is a wonder that Baba is filling this soul with so much power.  Dadi read the Murli in Lotus House this morning and in Shantivan on the 2nd in the morning and during the transmission in the evening.   The feeling is that Baba is enabling all of this to happen, so the Ganges of love can flow….Baba is giving so much courage and enthusiasm to allow all of this to happen.


What is the difference between trust and faith?   Something to think about….


Om Shanti

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