Dadi Janki – 04/10/2012

My fortune and the Bestower of Fortune constantly in my awareness

Dadi’s feeling for all of you is: don’t think too much about anything. Don’t worry about the future. It’s good that many of you will be coming soon to Madhuban.

Never forget the One who has made us trinetri, who is Trikaldarshi and Trimurti. The Trimurti is not just Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar but also the three forms of the Father: Father, Teacher and Satguru.

Keeping Baba in front of you brings such a lot of happiness. We have so much attainment – really, it’s a wonder. Just open your treasure store and see how much you have attained and your mercury of happiness will rise so high!

These days all we have to do is stay in that awareness, so that anyone who is sitting with you also becomes an embodiment of awareness.

Last night Dadi was sitting with a small group and in the period of a few minutes we went into silence three times. It is so essential for all of us that we make a point of going into silence regularly. The experience of being in that silence was so beautiful we weren’t able to express it in words.

On one side is our fortune and on the other side is the Bestower of Fortune and He is inspiring me constantly to create that fortune. Let me check myself: where am I? To what extent am I creating my fortune?

Jayantiben, Mohiniben (New York) and Didi Nirmala then came on the phone to greet everyone. The class warmly congratulated Didi Nirmala class on the occasion of her birthday.

Om shanti

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