Dadi Janki – 03/11/2012

 I am planting seeds for my future

Each and every moment of the Confluence Age is extremely valuable. Baba has told us to count and appreciate the treasures we have received.We are not happy just to have attained so much but Baba has shown us that real happiness is experienced when we donate our treasures.In the world people think that treasure reduces on giving it. We realize now that treasures increase when we give them; happiness also increases. Baba teaches us how to be happy.

Great importance is given to donation and charity in India. Dhan and punya… donation and charity. In bhakti they say that as much as they give the donation of money, that much it increases. Here we give the donation of virtues. Here we can never say that we give donation to the Yagya. Here we would say that we have planted a seed; we have made an investment. The fruit of that is very great. When we were constructing the History Hall, one lady had a tiny bit of gold. She gave that… Baba told her that she would receive a palace in the future for having given that gold. This is not actually donation but love for the Yagya. There are many souls whom Dadi has seen, who have only Baba, the Yagya, the Confluence Age and the family in their hearts. Diamond Hall was full last night: the children have so much love for Baba and Baba has so much love for the children. There are many new children who didn’t feel that they didn’t meet Baba. Dadi Gulzar’s face was such that we felt we were meeting Baba – there was no difference. Baba has so much love for we children – He doesn’t want us to miss anything.

Baba sent me overseas. I couldn’t come to Madhuban for four years. However, I didn’t feel that I missed anything. When Baba spoke the Murlis, I felt that I was right in front of Baba and that Baba was sustaining me through those Murlis. I received such fragrance from those Murlis…  All we have to do is to listen and bring it into our lives. There is nothing else to do: Listen to the Murli, eat toli, become holy, fill your pockets (jholi) with jewels. Those who love the Murli, the Yagya and the family are loved very much by Baba. It is a big mistake to come under anyone’s influence and to get affected, to defame anyone or even change your face on hearing someone’s name. This would not be considered ‘punya’… punya means to stay in spirituality, in Godly love…  It is time to make oneself complete through one’s consciousness, attitude and drishti.

Baba has given us the duty to make the physical world into the subtle world. This is each one’s responsibility. We don’t need to have a meeting to plan this… Just do everything like a deity – that is, do it without being asked. I must do it first; I must change. Think about this day and night. This is my responsibility.

Today I am going to meet our beloved Dadi Gulzar. I am taking leave from you and I will return tomorrow. We have the duty to the family to let everyone know what we are doing. This is giving regard and this is what Baba taught us to do. Our speaking and acting have to be one and the same.

Om Shanti

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