Dadi Janki – 03/10/2012

With POM guests                                         


When I am soul conscious what type of thoughts will I have? When one considers the self as a soul, one starts to think in a very logical way. I understand that I am working through this body. I am making my body move. I am the ruler of my sense organs. It is not a matter of worldly education in order to understand this. It is a unique study. You can look in any place in the world but you will not find such a study… who am I and who I belong to? If you truly understand these aspects then there can be transformation.

In order to know God one needs divine vision and a divine intellect. I need a divine vision to see with and a divine intellect to understand. Once one starts to know the self they can start to get to know God. I am a soul from beyond this world and I need to experience this. We are those souls from beyond the world but we have forgotten that.


Think of how much the world has changed in the past 100 years. Everyone is stuck… looking at the world and getting stuck in the way it is moving and what is going on. So check yourself; your intellect should be very light. Turn on the internal light and you will feel that you have stopped stumbling and that the darkness has been dispelled. When your third eye opens then you will be able to see clearly.


The important aspects of life are; who am I? Who do I belong to? What do I have to do now? Understanding these things fills the soul with power.


When I sit in true remembrance of God the vibrations become very powerful and beautiful. He is the One above who purifies the impure. He has mercy and He forgives us. No human being can be such. He gives so much love. It is that love that enables to soul to sacrifice to God. The soul wants to emerge itself in that love. His love cleans the soul. This experience is very useful in life. When you have that experience then you can help others a lot. When I have a connection with God, no-one can interfere with that connection. I receive power from Him. I have to only see Shiv Baba and follow Him. Brahma Baba saw Shiv Baba and learned from Him.


When I am connected to God, I receive power and I become internally clean. My character then becomes one which is respect worthy. In order to become pure internally, I need to have good wishes and pure feelings for the self and for everyone else.


Never become disheartened in yourself. When you realise something needs to change then transformation can take place. When you receive the method to do something then consider that God is there to help you and you will be able to do it. Take one step of courage and God will help you. Have courage and trust! Be clear and honest and you will practically see the result.


Remember; when I change the world changes. What do I have to change>? My feelings… Create pure feelings and have good wishes. If someone has hurt you then create good feelings about them. If you have hurt someone then have good wishes for them. Keep on creating good thoughts whilst you are walking around. God’s hand is on my head – how can I have waste thoughts?Dadi wishes all of you to be from waste thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to have a sensitive nature. Leave the old nature of coming into feelings quickly. Make your nature easy and light. Don’t be temperamental. Check whether you have any ego and then finish it. If you think anyone or anything is yours it is a type of ego. I now have to become egoless and viceless. Only then can you be incorporeal; in the state of detachment.


You are all fortunate. You have received fortune from the Fortune Maker – now share it. The nature of happiness is such that when you have it you want to share it. God is working hard on me to make me perfect. It’s time to become an angel… work on becoming an angel.  Whatever you need to do, do it now.


Om Shanti

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