Dadi Janki – 31/08/2012

Understanding the deep philosophy of karma

It is important to understand the philosophy of karma deeply. If you understand it deeply, you will have good yoga. If you don’t understand the philosophy of karma and the influence of your own karmas, deeply you will not be able to be yogyukt. Yes, everyone has passed in the subject of love: you would all say you have love for Baba. And Baba definitely has love for each one of you. And yet the sign of love is that you would do as the one you loves tells you or asks you to. The words of the one you love touch your heart automatically. So, if there is love for Baba then you will get the feeling to do whatever He says instantly.

Now check: am I actually doing as Baba is telling me to accurately or am I allowing myself to come under the influence of my own nature again and again? There are habits and there is one’s own nature. Understand these. Think about this in relation to yourself. The sign of coming under the influence of one’s own nature is that you don’t want to do something and yet you are repeatedly compelled to do it. Thus, I have to realise my own nature on a subtle level. What then should make up my nature? Baba and Baba’s teachings. In this life there needs to be love for Baba’s teachings. Baba’s teachings have actually saved and protected our lives.

One aspect of this life is that we have to be very cautious and uplift the self and others. The second is that each one of us needs to change our nature. As much as you pay attention to making effort, so you will receive the fruit. Again and again Baba is pulling our attention to the importance of our time and our thoughts. Are you paying attention to these? Are you aware of the importance of your every breath? Words and actions come later…  My time, thoughts and breath have to be used in a beneficial way. If you are using them all in a beneficial way the sign will be that you really enjoy sitting in Baba’s remembrance. If you get pulled into experiencing the negative return of karmic accounts of this or past births, you will not be able to connect your yoga with the Father. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to connecting the yoga of your intellect with the Father now then that also becomes a karmic account. If you do not stay in the stage of ‘Manmanabhav’ you will go into loss. If for any reason you are not able to do service then it is because of the bondage of karma of the past. Thus, I have to pay great attention to how I am using my time. The more I use my time beneficially for myself and others, the more I stay in remembrance, the more power is created within. If you don’t do this, some habit or your own nature will emerge and influence you in such a way that you will perform wrong actions. Therefore, do not waste your time. Wasting time is also a bad habit.


To think about, expand and explain your problems is actually a type of problem in itself. You draw others into your problem by explaining and expanding about it. Whilst explaining their problems, many start blaming others…  Will blaming others provide a solution? Or will it increase the problem more? If you forgive yourself first  and also forgive others only then will you be able to forget that matter. Please go into the depths of this. Only if you realise it will you feel free and light. Some people have the habit of creating thoughts that make them heavy. If some types of thought make you heavy then how can you be happy at the same time? The quality of my thoughts should be such that I am able to be the remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness. This is what  my own father is…  Become this and you will receive more power from Baba. In fact, I should be innocent of giving and receiving sorrow. Some have such a delicate nature that they become sensitive about everything and in doing so they take sorrow from most situations. This also affects the body. It happens when a soul does not pay attention to creating quality thoughts. They then cannot connect their yoga and thus there is no power and no happiness. This is a huge family… it encompasses the entire world, and we have to keep good relationships with all.  The main reason for disease to come is giving sorrow and taking sorrow. Medicine will only work if you have the blessings of many souls with you. A little medicine… a lot of blessings… this is what is required to recover from illness.

Baba is giving the injection of knowledge. He is the Supreme Surgeon and it is essential that I take the injections He is providing. I have to dispell all my own ‘ignorance’ and become one who is fully aware. I need to keep on having realisations. He will keep giving me the injections I need until I become this… Karma is very powerful but  we have found the Almighty Authority – The Purifier. So what do I have to do? I have to see Father and follow father. I have to become a real, sweet child. Nothing else should be in my mind or my heart. Some keep many things inside… they thus cannot remain light.

So check: How much power of yoga is within me? Remember that power is only received through remembrance of Baba.  There is benefit only in remembering Baba.

Om Shanti

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