Dadi Janki – 29/08/2012

True happiness nourishes the soul

Dadiji has reminded us of the importance of volcanic yoga, and all of you must have given thought to implementing it further. Time is short. The more I am concerned about making effort from my heart, Baba helps accordingly. He supports us  alot . We have to end waste by paying attention. There is great power in our thoughts and time. ‘Waste’ snatches away our power. Waste makes us weak. When we are weak we lack the zeal and enthusiasm to make effort happily. Fortunate are those who can maintain zeal and enthusiasm in their effort-making. It’s as though they are not walking but flying… The soul begins to practically experience the feelings behind the song, “Fly away O bird, this land is a stranger to you…’ There is no connection with this old world. We are fortunate to have received wings from Baba.
Now there is only the desire to fly. When we are in the flying stage, the atmosphere becomes light and it becomes easier for others to fly too. There is benefit for all in our ascending stage. Realise how much loss is incurred in thinking and speaking waste. When Baba sees that a soul has had good realisations, He helps that one develop accurate methods to progress with truth, love, courage and faith.
It is important for Baba’s specially loved children to come together and have spiritual conversations with each other. Those who are obedient and faithful to Baba can churn knowledge easily. No one can speak useless matters in front of me (Dadi) because I am not free for such things. I do not have free time to hear or share unnecessary matters. So first contemplate, then churn and become the embodiment of knowledge. Baba’s words have become jewels of knowledge, and nectar that pleases the mind and heart. When we churn knowledge we understand its value and we can stay in elevated awareness.
Each one can lead a good and sweet life by contemplating and churning knowledge. Our elevated awareness helps others to forget everything else and remember Baba and gyan. It is by being free from attachment than we can experience real happiness. True happiness is not just external or superficial but acts as nourishment. We don’t just sing praise of Baba; Baba advises us to adopt His virtues and become virtuous too. We develop spiritual virtues as we are direct children of God now. Baba teaches us naturally how to live with virtues. We imbibe this understanding from the heart, and in return Baba fills us with even more love and power.
Baba’s love is such that cannot be spoken about or made to understand through words. That love is to be experienced with the heart.  Dadi has a strong desire to see everyone experience Baba’s love. It is Baba’s love that slowly makes us pure internally. Baba purifies us and says others will become pure in your company.
Fortunate are those who have only eaten Brahma Bhojan ever since they become Brahmins. Or has there been a slackness in this? Never forget the praise of Brahma Bhojan. Everyone involved in the process (cutting, chopping, cooking, serving) does it with love. It is your right to experience the deep love of Baba and the family. Do you feel the pull of the thread of love constantly? With pure feelings, we are able to make others feel spiritual love. This family love will ensure that no one ever has the insecure thought, “What is my future?” Our future is in your hands. We have given our hand in God’s hand, He has placed His hand on our heads and so all will be well.
The Supreme Being is the Almighty Authority and He teaches us how great and powerful our actions have to be. Yoga teaches us who we are and who belongs to us. But if we have not brought awarness into action, and do not interact with the spiritual family with honesty and love, then the unity of the gathering weakens. Some find it hard to live in a big family. They say they will think about it. Fortunate are those who don’t have to ‘think’ about being with the family. What is there to think when I know this is my Baba, my family, and my Yagya.
Understand the time, understand Baba and what He has come to do. Understand the Yagya, recognise yourself and the family. Baba did not come alone, He came to create His children. In the early days Baba used to say how can a father think about having children if he doesn’t have a house to keep them safe?  So God comes first to create the Yagya and then give birth to His children, Brahmins. Baba has developed the systems of the Yagya with such care and divinity: how and what we eat, how we dress and interact with one other. Everything we do should showcase who we are and the principles we live by. Settle accounts in a way that no one remembers you and you don’t remember anyone else. We have come alone and have to return home alone…
Sit in volcanic yoga in a manner that your very body emits pure vibrations; all negative karma is settled; good actions continue to be performed naturally; body consciousness ends. I am free from the body; my sense organs are calm; I am headed towards the land of liberation to be with my Baba. Om Shanti

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