Dadi Janki – 25/08/12

Become a flawless diamond like Dadiji

All of you are sitting here with love for Dadiji. How much love has Dadiji given all of us? What will we do in return? The service of the yagya has expanded so much with Dadiji’s honesty, cleanliness and simplicity. This is the practical proof of giving your hand in the Father’s hand. When Baba became avyakt, Dadiji sustained everyone through the murli. She made the whole family belong to her.
When our sweet Dadiji visited London, I told her: Dadiji, you are so sweet! Dadiji said: Baba is sweet. Should I say: Dadi-Baba or Baba-Dadi? She said: I like London so much that I will stay here and you can go to Madhuban. She gave so much love to everyone. When I told her I would go to Madhuban and you stay here, she changed by the evening. There was this fondness and love. This is a very good method to go beyond the body and bodily relations. Let there not be any old nature or sanskars. This love makes us into real gold, our life like a diamond, a real diamond, a flawless diamond. Let there be no hidden flaws. Each one should have this thought for the self. If I am going to become real gold, I have to become that now. I have to become that. The alloy continues to be removed with the subtle powers of knowledge and yoga.
Nowadays, according to Baba’s inspirations, by using your time and thoughts in a worthwhile way practically, your life becomes like a diamond. A hero-actor is remembered and a diamond-like life is also remembered. This song is so wonderful – how much difference is there between virtue and defect. One is a diamond and other is stone. If you want to make your life like a diamond then you have to become complete with all virtues. There should be no weakness remaining in me, and I should not note anyone’s weakness. It is a defect to note anyone else’s weakness. This is a great mistake.
The powers help us to imbibe values. If any power is lacking, then the weaknesses secretly remain within us and we then also note the defects of others.
When I remember Dadiji, I see she was full of all virtues. We never talked of anyone else’s defects among ourselves. Dadiji sent me to London on service. It is from Dadiji that I learnt how to give regard to one another and to value the specialities of one another. Baba has taught us that each one has some speciality. This study is so good. The value you have for the study is visible. Our future reward is being created through the study – we can feel that. The study is the same, the Teacher is the same. He is the Father, Teacher and Satguru of everyone. He has given His company in teaching us. He is our Teacher and also our Friend and Satguru. He gives us shrimat. To teach with love means shrimat. The Father’s instructions are: Constantly remember Me alone. Be Manmanabhav. Each word is filled with so much significance. The versions of the Gita are: O Arjuna. Arjuna says: God, Your knowledge is so deep, entertaining and significant. It creates so much love. It is significant.
When you churn knowledge very well, your stage becomes that of the truth, living and blissful. However good service is happening, it will continue. My bhavna is that today is Dadiji’s day and so each one should have a thought to create such a stage like Dadiji’s, that out of love for her, everyone reached here. What return should I give for Dadiji’s love? O sweet one, speak sweetly. How will there be sweet words? The Bestower of divine drishti and divine intellect has made us trinetri and trikaldarshi. Let the discus constantly be spinning. Baba has given us such good knowledge of the cycle. Throughout the day, we have the knowledge of the cycle in our intellect, nothing else. There was, there is and there will be – it brings so much intoxication. There is a difference between happiness, intoxication and ecstasy. When there is ecstasy, you forget all consciousness of everything. You feel intoxicated when you do something in a practical way and then there is happiness when you have found the Father. We get intoxicated in practical life and then the spiritual intoxication makes all work easy.  Om Shanti.

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