Dadi Janki – 24/08/2012

The consciousness of being an instrument

Today, everyone is specially remembering Dadiji. Dadiji is in everyone’s heart. Dadiji has created such a memorial of herself of revealing Baba – whether it was being an instrument in the expansion in the task of establishment. I stayed abroad from 1974, but there was such a subtle connection with Dadiji of being in the unlimited such that there was equality. This was a wonder. Dadiji enabled the part of avyakt Baba to be played in a very good way that today, even the avyakt part is doing so much service.
Baba had said that we have to revise the murlis. Today, the whole creation is receiving sustenance through the revised murlis. Dadiji carried out all the task as an instrument, and so I ask myself: What am I doing? Dadiji, Didi and Mama did what they all did. But what did I do? Why has God, the Father still kept this soul in this body? Baba has made me move along as His companion, making me an instrument. Success has been achieved with honesty, love, courage and faith. Now, perfection is standing just ahead of us.
Stay in silence and have deep experiences of remembrance. On the one hand is the karmateet stage and on the other hand is the angelic stage. Later we will become deities. However, in order to become karmateet, the foundation should be so strong that none of your karmic accounts pull you back, nor should I be pulled. When you have the experience of this stage in a practical way, then you will be able to do the service through the angelic stage that Baba wants. Together with Baba, you will also be able to give sakaash to the globe, to the world and to all the souls.
There is so much service in Madhuban. Each soul has received their own part. Each one is free to make as much effort as they want. Baba gives His company to every child. However, some children wish to move ahead with comparison. They cannot let go of this body consciousness. Where body consciousness is used, there cannot be the godly attraction.
I have never used the dictates of my own mind when Baba has given shrimat or directions. Those who use the dictates of their own mind spend their own energy. There is no expense of your own in this and so your energy never finishes. “This is my experience, this is my idea..” – I think about even saying this; there is a lot of safety in this.
Baba said that he had given this body to Shiv Baba on loan, but that he was not going to claim the kingdom on that basis. He definitely had to make his own effort. Though there was one body, both were together. We also have to serve in the same way. Baba gave his body on loan, but we have surrendered ourselves. We have become His children and so we have become equal to the Father. So neither this body nor this mind is mine. The main thing that was good was that the body and mind were used in a worthwhile way.
The sustenance, study and attainment were all valuable. Look at the whole day: who is sustaining us even today? Who is teaching us? We are dancing with the attainment through that. Always have this intoxication.  Om Shanti.

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