Dadi Janki – 27/08/2012

Notice of special attention for Volcanic Yoga Tapasya

Special letter of remembrance from Dadi Janki.

Beloved BapDada’s extremely beloved children, those who make their deep love for intense effort like fire, the instrument teachers who experience their elevated stage to be filled with light and might, to all brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept Godly love-filled sweet remembrance.
Today, I am especially writing this letter on receiving special signals from BapDada and the advance party on the 5th anniversary of Dadiji. Last season too, BapDada had repeatedly given the signal: Children, now, your yoga has to be volcanic and filled with light and might. It is only through this that the cremation of the old nature and sanskars will take place. Together with this, all souls will be liberated from their sorrow and peacelessness and be able to return to their home, that is, the gates of liberation and liberation-in-life will open and service will also automatically increase. Dadiji has also given this special signal: Service is moving along very well, but now, for transformation, that is, to bring about the world of happiness, you now need to have volcanic remembrance. So, in the meeting that took place, we all discussed that now, it is a month and a half to BapDada’s coming.
BapDada will come to meet the double foreign brothers and sisters on 18th October. Before that, all of us together should practice volcanic remembrance from 1st September to 15th October so that our stage can become complete and perfect. Together with that, BapDada’s desire that every zone and every centre should become free from obstacles can also be fulfilled.
Today, I am sending this letter to all of you with this aim. From 1st September, all the centres connected with you and the gita pathshalas should have volcanic yoga for one hour daily. Half an hour can be immediately after murli class and half an hour in the evening from 7.00pm to 7.30pm should be collectively by all Brahmin children.
What is volcanic remembrance? What effort do we need to make for that? What practice should we have? What dharna should we pay special attention to? What are the benefits of this remembrance? All of these are detailed in essence below. All sisters in charge should specially underline this and race in your efforts and on 15th October, send the results of your class to BapDada so that on 18th October, when Avyakt BapDada comes to meet us children, the results of all the children can be related to Him. Achcha.
Lots of love and remembrance,
In Godly service,
BK Janki

Yoga-tapasya that is filled with light and might (volcanic yoga)

1. Volcanic remembrance means a powerful stage of a light-and-might-house. For this, especially be experienced in being an embodiment of knowledge and become powerful.
2. Volcanic remembrance means to consider yourself to be a powerful soul and to be combined with God, the Father.
3. To be soul conscious and to experience a powerful stage through remembrance of the Father is volcanic remembrance.
4. To experience yourself to be distant from the body and the physical world and to be with the Father in the incorporeal world is volcanic remembrance.
5. Experiencing the seven virtues of the soul and becoming lost in the Father’s love is volcanic yoga.
6. The experience of constantly being in an orb of light and spreading powerful rays is volcanic yoga.
7. To stabilise your mind, intellect, heart, head and body and to experience the master seed stage is volcanic yoga.

Effort and practice:-
1. The link of remembrance has to be constantly connected for the volcanic form. The link should not repeatedly break.
2. While going into expansion, the practice for the essence-full stage should not decrease. Do not forget the essence in the expansion. Eat, drink, do service, but do not forget to be detached.
3. For powerful remembrance, constantly let the heart be connected with the Father.
4. While coming into action and being entertaining and fulfilling all relationships, let there be the practice of being detached. Just as it is easy to come into relationship and actions, in the same way, it should be just as easy to become detached. At the time of something extreme, it should end in a second. One minute you are in a deep relationship, and the next minute, become detached to the extent that you are deeply connected, as though you become merged with the light-house. Through this practice, you will create the stage of a light-and-might-house and many souls will have a vision.
5. Now, collectively, put a full stop to your thoughts in one second, become the point-form and practice stabilising your mind and intellect. As soon as you say stop, in a second, your mind and intellect should become concentrated in a second and become free from the waste in the mind and intellect. Use such controlling power throughout the day. Control your mind and intellect with a powerful brake. Your mind and intellect should become focused wherever you want in a second.
6. When you sit in yoga, use the power to merge in a second. All thoughts of service should also become merged. You should have such power that you are able to apply a brake fully; it should not be weak. If it takes longer than one second, then it would be said that you are weak in the power of merging.
7. In order to experience the stage of a light-and-might-house, both the powers of knowledge and yoga should be filled with light and might. This is known as being a master almighty authority.
8. In order to experience the stage of the volcanic form, the flame of remembrance should constantly be ignited. The easy method for this is to constantly move along while considering yourself to be a cocharioteer and a detached observer. The soul is the co-charioteer of this chariot. This awareness will constantly make you detached from the consciousness of this chariot or any type of body consciousness. By considering yourself to be a co-charioteer, you have the control of all your physical senses. Even the subtle powers of the mind, intellect and sanskars would also work according to your orders.

Special self-respect for volcanic remembrance:-
1. I am a master almighty authority soul who spreads the light and might of God’s powers everywhere in the world.
2. I am a light house who gives God’s light and might to the five elements and all souls of the world.
3. I am a sun of purity that burns the impure sanskars, vicious vision and a vicious attitude of the impure souls.
4. I am a soul who is a master seed and an embodiment of the volcanic form who burns the impurity, that is, the rubbish, of the world.
5. I am a powerful soul who will burn the devilish sanskars of all the souls in the world.
6. I am a soul who is a master sun of knowledge and has a right to self-sovereignty by being a master of the mind, intellect and sanskars.
7. I am a soul who is master remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness who finishes all the sorrow, pain, tension and illnesses of everyone.

Special dharna for volcanic remembrance:-
1. When there is the dharna of purity in its complete form, the power of your elevated thoughts will ignite the fire of love and all the rubbish of past sanskars and nature will be burnt in that fire. Then only what you think of will happen and service of a fast speed will naturally take place.
2. Especially underline purity in your vision, attitude and actions. The main foundation is to make your thoughts pure, filled with knowledge and power and with your vibrations, attitude and pure feelings, the Maya of others will easily run away. If you are caught up with “why?” or “what?”, then neither your Maya nor the Maya of others will go away.
3. For powerful remembrance, you need the love of a true heart. Those who have a true heart are able to become the point-form and remember the Father, the Point, easily. Because those who have a true heart are able to please the Lord, they receive special blessings from the Father through which they are easily able to stabilise in one thought and experience staying in volcanic remembrance. They are able to spread powerful vibrations. Because of the power of honesty, their head works accurately and performs accurate tasks. They cannot do anything wrong.
4. As much as possible, stay in the cave of introversion. Do not become extrovert. Do not give time to wasteful matters. While performing actions, every now and again, continue to perform the drill to become bodiless.
5. I, the soul, a point of light. I am a divine star sparkling in the centre of the forehead. There is aura of light all around me. While being in the form of light all around, it should also remain in your awareness, and that should also be visible, just as when you look into a mirror, you are able to see your face clearly. In the
same way, your subtle form should be clearly visible in the mirror of knowledge and it should also be experienced. While moving along and conversing, feel yourself to be the form of light. I, the angel, am walking. I, the angel am talking.
6. Just as the rays of the sun constantly come towards the earth, and when you stay in front of the sun, you experience the heat. In the same way, by staying in front of Shiv Baba, the Sun of Knowledge, the soul will become supremely pure and be charged with all powers. So, constantly experience yourself to be under the canopy of protection of Shiv Baba, the Sun of Knowledge.
7. While performing actions, constantly have the awareness: I am an instrument. Baba has made me an instrument for world service and sent me here for a short time. I, the soul, am seated in the centre of the forehead and am performing actions. This body is for Baba’s service. I, the soul, now belong to Baba. Baba has made me an instrument for service. As soon as I have finished my work, I will return to my home.

Benefits of volcanic remembrance:-
1. The stage of a master almighty authority, that is, the stage of a light-and-might-house should come on stage, that is, remembrance should become volcanic and everyone will continue to circle around you like moths.
2. The powerful rays of remembrance will burn the germs of the vices in one second. Just as doctors use laser rays to destroy germs, in the same way, remembrance works like the rays.
3. Whether your karmic accounts are of this birth or of past births, the stage of the form of the fire of love will bum those karmic accounts. When all the past karmic accounts are burnt, then you will experience yourself to be double light.
4. Powerful remembrances gives you a double experience simultaneously. On the one hand, remembrance works like fire and does the work of burning away your sins and the work of transformation, and on the other hand, it gives the experience of happiness and lightness.
5. The type of remembrance of the volcanic form makes the atmosphere powerful. Through this remembrance, weak souls are filled with power. All obstacles are easily finished. The flames for the destruction of the old world will be fanned through this.
6. When your remembrance is volcanic, it will become a redeemer of sins, a destroyer of sins, the same as the Father. Only such remembrance will reveal your divine image that grants visions. Through this, the service that takes one beyond with a glance will take place.
7. At present, the revelation of the Father is hidden behind the clouds. Your stage of being a master sun of knowledge and a light-and-might-house will disperse these clouds and within a second, the drums of revelation will beat.
8. At present, the fire of violence and assault that is spread in the world will be extinguished with the fire of yoga. Your love should be of the volcanic form. Let there be benevolent feelings for all in your attitude and this fire of love will finish that fire and give all souls God’s message and the experience of the form of coolness.

Some special thoughts:-
Teachers can give everyone an aim and conduct special drill in the mornings and evenings.
1. I, the soul am combined with Shiv Baba. Colourful rays of all powers are emerging from I, the soul, seated on the throne of the forehead. These rays are removing the sorrow, pain and suffering of all souls in the world. Souls are becoming liberated from the increasing peacelessness, worry and unhappiness in
the world and from the influence of the old nature and sanskars.
2. I, the soul, am seated on the throne of the forehead. Almighty Authority Shiv Baba Himself is combined with me, the soul, the sun of purity. I, the soul, am extremely powerful. I am filled with complete purity. White rays of purity are emerging from I, the soul and constantly spreading everywhere far and wide. The
light of purity is spreading to every corner of the world.
3. I, the soul, am wearing a sparkling angelic dress of light and sitting on the globe of the world. The canopy of protection of Almighty Authority Shiv Baba is on my head. The rays of all powers are constantly emerging from Shiv Baba and entering I, the soul. The rays of all powers then emerge from I, the soul and are reaching the five elements of nature and all souls of the world and giving them a deep experience of happiness, peace, bliss, love and power.
4. The shining rays of all powers from Shiv Baba are falling on I, the soul. I, the soul, have become powerful in all ways. Rays emerging from I, the soul, are merging in all souls of
the world. All the sorrow, pain, tension, worry and all illnesses of all souls in the world are finishing. All souls are experiencing God’s powers. All souls are experiencing God’s love.
5. Experience Shiv Baba’s hand of blessings on your head. Baba is massaging His hand on my head and giving me a lot of love. He is charging me fully with all powers. Baba’s unending love is being showered on me. Sometimes, see Shiv Baba from Paramdham and sometimes, experience yourself in the combined stage with Shiv Baba.
Special Note: I hope that as soon as all of you receive this notice, you will spread the wave of volcanic remembrance at all service place and definitely send the results of your centres to Madhuban.
With thanks.

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