Dadi Janki – 05/09/2012

Am I taking the help and support of The Almighty Authority?

If one remains aware and in the experience that my Father, my Baba, is the Almighty Authority then this brings great transformation in the soul. We need to feel pratically the power of Baba as Almighty Authority in our lives. Transformation then appears easy. To conquer the vices and attain the karmateet stage is not such a big challenge when I am taking the support and help of the Almighty Authority. It is my very own Baba who is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Peace and the Ocean of Love. If you take this on a personal level and allow yourself to experience this then you will really feel the things Baba speaks of. Those things will then naturally flow from your mouth.
We need to have the deep realisation of the power of our actions… and the accounts we create through them. The sign of one who is clearing their account is that wrong thoughts will not arise in their mind. If wrong thoughts emerge they need to be finished immediately. If you allow yourself to have ego then you will definitely also have wrong thoughts. One who has wrong thoughts will not have faith in the self and will not be able to perform elevated actions. Baba has told us clearly the importance of creating quality thoughts. I have to check my own self in this.
If you are creating more accounts then how can Baba’s power work within you?
Only when I pay attention to clearing my karmic accounts through remembrance can Baba’s power work within me. Karma is not separate from yoga. They need to be merged… both should be operating together in my everyday life. Are you wasting your time in negative and ordinary thoughts? If so, how can you expect to become elevated? If you worry, get caught in the past, think negative or wasteful thoughts, then you cannot at the same time perform elevated actions. Think clearly about this. It is my responsibility to think elevated thoughts so that Baba can fill me with power and I can become an easy yogi. I have to pay attention only on my own actions, not on anyone else’s. I have to pay attention to perform only elevated actions. If I don’t pay attention to making my thoughts and actions elevated then I will become weak.
It is the Confluence Age; my time is very, very valuable. I have to remain aware that the knowledge I am receiving is firstly for myself. It is for my transformation. It is not firstly for me to give others and then maybe to try and imbibe it myself later. No, I have to use it to change myself for the better. If you don’t change your own self then how can you bring benefit to others?
It is not only the knowledge which brings benefit. It is also the experience of all relationships we can develop with Baba. Each relationship has its own power, experience and effect. For example, the relationship of a mother brings the feeling of closeness, belonging, love and care. As a father, Baba takes care of the development of my life and the first step in this is that He wants me to be a sweet child. For this I have to become obedient and faithful. In front of a father the child cannot be careless or lazy. Baba is also my teacher – and His points have to be remembered at every moment of my life. It is my friend’s power which is working within me. When I keep Him with me at every moment as a friend would be – every problem receives a solution. With Baba as my friend how can there be loneliness or emptiness? The vision of the Satguru satisfies everyone. His hand of Shrimat is on my head. By following His Shrimat, His blessings are showered on my head.
Nothing is lacking in our lives now. You may not have a car, a motorbike or a lot of money but you have been taught how to live a good and elevated life. Think of what will be important in your final moments. Will it be the physical possessions and position you have achieved or what you have attained internally? My life now is to reveal God. Therefore, I need to be very aware of the way I speak and behave. If I speak loudly and in a rough tone to anyone, including other BK’s, am I revealing God?
Now, look at yourself carefully. Turn your eyes to your own self and become introverted. I have to be trustworthy and honest. My task is not to copy or be influenced by anyone. My task is to take from Baba, change myself and distribute what I have attained. Only this… Om Shanti

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