Dadi Janki – 04/09/2012

The importance of determined thought

What is important in this life? It is one’s internal stage. If your internal stage is good you can easily deal with any situation. To create a powerful internal stage one needs to have volcanic yoga. Remembrance can help one to create and maintain determined thoughts. Having determined thoughts can also help one remain in accurately in remembrance. 

 Don’t allow yourself to keep thinking about others. I have to think about myself and my own effort and transformation. Have this self respect. Don’t use situations as excuses in this. Check yourself honestly: How much time do I waste during a day thinking about others? How much time am I spending during the day thinking about the past? Some souls waste whole days in negative thinking. It is as if their intellect cannot get involved in anything positive. Their intellects cannot seem to churn anything positive. Therefore, pay attention; bring God into your awareness – God and this drama in which each one is an actor playing a part. Remember that the five fingers on a hand are all different and will always be so. All are necessary though…

 In fact, in order to remove my weaknesses it is essential to connect the yoga of my intellect to my Father. Anything that takes me away from this stage of having yoga with the Father needs to be left. This should be my only concern and I have to be determined in it. Each one has karmic accounts that have to be settled by the self. Talk to Bba and maintain that link of communication with Him. Do this and you will feel very good. You will feel that God is helping you, you will receive the fruit of your feelings and you will develop more faith.

Maintain determined thoughts and you will see how all situations in your life appear to become lighter. They will also not increase. You will be able to settle them. It is the quality of our thoughts that can make us light. Determined thoughts mean thoughts that are not mixed with weak or negative thoughts. You start with the feeling to change something, you then create determined thoughts to do it. When you maintain that courage with those determined thoughts you see it come into practical, receive the attainment from it, and you then develop faith. You will then experience love and peace. 

 Remembrance is such a medicine that it can cure diseases. There are many examples of this. Have you made the promise; I sit with You, I eat with You, I speak to you…? This is the method to stay in remembrance constantly: I do everything with Baba. I have to now leave all types of bad company. God’s own direction is; renounce all relationships of the body and remember Me alone. If your thoughts are diverted anywhere then you cannot have determined thoughts. I should not be dependant on anyone or anything. The list of dependencies is very long. I have to leave everything on that list; mine is one Baba and none other. This is incognito and deep tapasya.

Have you become an embodiment of bliss? Be careful before you raise your hand in this aspect! If you really want to become an embodiment of bliss and to remain so then you need to pay attention to remain aware of two aspects: Who am I? Who do I belong to?  Brahma Baba paid a great deal of attention to himself. He paid attention to remain in this awareness. Brahma Baba really felt that he had been adopted by Shiv Baba. He studied very well and he also taught very well. He taught us the importance of study. Now let me become one who follows in the footsteps of Baba.

Om Shanti

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