Dadi Janki – 03/09/2012

See only goodness

Baba is truth. He gives us true knowledge. It is because He is true that what He teaches touches our hearts. Where there is truth and cleanliness there is always simplicity. For this purity is essential… the creation of pure thoughts is essential. If you maintain zeal and enthusiasm you will receive Baba’s help and support. We cannot measure the amount of support and help Baba has available to give a soul who is willing to take it. Baba has taught us the importance of maintaining courage. It is my task to maintain courage no matter what the situation. For this, it is necessary to remain as a detached observer in every situation. This is God’s task – no scene should make me lose my courage. It is Godly service we are doing and there is a great deal of income to be earned.
The more one does service with love, the more power one receives. Coming into sound a great deal tires the soul. One who remains in silence can be tireless. Control the number of words you speak. Remain in silence and you will be able to do service through your mind. When you pay attention to serving through the mind, your mind will become busy and thus you will be freed from all other types of thought. You will be sending sakash to many souls… such service is unlimited.
It is time to move into the karmateet stage. When you listen to the words ‘karmateet stage’ how do you feel? In fact, we should keep the aim to become karmateet firmly in front of us. Don’t look at anyone else in this aspect. One who remains as a karma yogi over a long time can achieve the karmateet stage. The sanskaras of one who remains in remembrance and pays attention to moving towards the karmateet stage actually work to help them perform elevated actions. When the mind is peaceful, the sense organs work very well.
We are now in the ‘unlimited’ stage. Our study and our awareness are unlimited. The kingdom we are going to receive is also unlimited. All of you have your own specialities, virtues and arts. You can use those to do service but keep the aim to become karmateet. For this I have to first move into my avyakt stage. It is time to become a complete angel. Don’t wait for others to become this first. I have to do it and then others will definitely do it. Time is cautioning us very clearly… I have to now pay attention to developing all virtues in myself and use those in my life. The main hindrance to this is looking at the negative character traits of others. Look at those negative things and they will enter into you. I have to see only virtues and I have to imbibe those virtues in my own self. Are you doing this? Brahma Baba saw the qualities in everyone.
Keep giving donation and you will see how your apron remains constantly full. See your account: how much charity have I performed today? Have I become an unlimited bestower? It is only at the Confluence that we can become this. Instant donation is the highest form of charity.
Churn the ocean and knowledge and you will see how your intellect becomes happy. Don’t allow your intellect to create negative thoughts! See your own face, your own behaviour and activities. Check your own self: Baba has made us religious souls whose original nature is peace. I am a charitable soul – performing the highest charitable actions at this auspicious Confluence Age. There is only benefit in being a charitable soul. Staying in remembrance and performing charitable actions absolves the past negative karmas of the soul. Performing charitable actions actually helps us to connect the intellect to God. The old sanskaras automatically change. If I then perform even a little sin then the charitable actions I perform get cancelled out. Therefore, I have to be very careful and cautious. Thus, check your intentions and thoughts. Let me have only pure, elevated and charitable thoughts. Let me create peaceful and determined thoughts. One Baba and none other. This determination will make you truthful internally and will allow Baba to be your constant companion. With Baba as my companion it becomes easy to be a detached observer. Remember: a hero actor is one who keeps Zero as their companion!
Om Shanti.
Dadi Janki – 1st September 2012 – Shantivan
Steps to experiencing super sensuous joy
Throughout the day, we need to move around performing actions and coming in contact with everyone yet, at the same time, pay attention not to create any waste thoughts. It is time to make the intellect pure and peaceful. Thoughts and service need to be very powerful. We are not doing ordinary service – we are doing unlimited service. From your stage now, you should be able to experience what your stage will be for your next 21 births.
You will experience super sensuous joy when you become the ruler of your mind, intellect and sense organs. They should not be under pressure but under your control. If you ‘force’ your control over them then you will sometimes be the ruler and sometimes not. This is why knowledge is essential: I am a pure soul, I am a child of the Supreme Soul. I need to remain in this awareness. I need to remain connected with my Mother, Father, Teacher, my Friend, my Satguru. He is mine and I am His. It is this that brings super sensuous joy. Super sensuous joy is only experienced at the Confluence Age. Thus, I need to maintain the value of the self, the time and the Father. Throughout the day I should not waste a second.
If you want to experience super sensuous joy then you will need to leave desires and attachment. Never ask for anything… Let your sense organs be under your control. The Gita tells us to be innocent of all desires. What do I need apart from just enough food for my stomach and even then, I have to remember ‘as is the food, so is the mind’. As the water, so is the speech. Let the mind be peaceful and the body cool. We are creating such a world.
If you are attracted by anything you will be unable to connect your mind to Baba and thus unable to experience super sensuous joy. Don’t allow the five vices to remain with you. Stop becoming upset and leave anger. Lust is no less… Greed and attachment can be very subtle. It is God who gives us the power to leave these and thus become the conquerors of maya and the world. Even the shadow of maya cannot remain with one who stays in super sensuous joy. Jealousy, carelessness, laziness and making excuses for one’s lack of spiritual endeavour are all subtle things and can be worse than the five vices. Think deeply… why should I have jealousy or dislike for anyone? Some have wealth or other attainments because of their actions in past births. Others have less for the same reason. Why should I have jealousy or feelings of enmity? That is nothing to do with me. Use your commonsense. I have beengiven a great deal by God. Let anyone come and receive that from me.
If you wish to experience super sensuous joy you will need to free yourself from four things: lying, stealing, cheating and defaming others. Dadi Prakashmani never spoke a lie in her whole life. One who is true dances in happiness, one who is weak will lie and have to hide himself away. This is a big mistake. To steal and to cheat are also big mistakes. To be one thing inside and another thing externally is a type of cheating. There is a great deal of show in this world. Fourthly, don’t insult or defame anyone. There is only damage in this practice. Some are such that they are unable to sleep until they insult someone! If someone insults you then think of that one as your friend: I have to forgive him or her with love. Don’t take revenge. If you take revenge, you won’t be able to feel close to God. I am a child of God and I should reveal myself as such.
Om Shanti

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