Dadi Gulzar – 30/08/2012

You will become an angel by remembering an angel

I am seeing everyone’s fortune and I feel very pleased. With so much love, Baba made us belong to Him. When God has made me belong to Him, what more could I wish for? I am God’s and God is mine. We did not know such fortune was possible. It is Baba’s wonder that He finds us from a variety of places – some from villages, some from cities and some from beautiful rural areas. He searched for us and found us.

Do you give thanks from your heart to Baba every day? First, we thank Him for having made us belong to Him. He also gives us the guarantee for 21 births in one single birth. Did you ever thought that you would come into a  royal household for 21 births? So, what does Baba want from us?  Baba wants each of us to become equal to Him. The heart says; I don’t become this then who will? I have to fulfil Baba’s wish. Baba searched for me so He will definitely make me equal to Him.

Baba wants me to become equal to Him and He has given me the method. It’s such a fortune that we have received the wealth of knowledge from Baba. All other kinds of wealth will follow this wealth of knowledge and we won’t have to labour for anything. Assimilate the wealth of knowledge. Ask yourself whether you have really given your worries to Baba and become totally intoxicated. Have all your worries finished? Experience Baba’s love and they will finish. Maya comes in the form of asking why and how? Check your attainments through four things: mind, speech, activity and relationships. The attainments from all four should be fully present. Whether you live in a lokik or alokik setting is not the issue; check what is going on in your mind. Baba has told us that waste thoughts now have to finish – there should now be no waste words or activity. Our relationship with each soul should be loving and cooperative. Shiv Baba made Brahma Baba an instrument and Brahma demonstrated this practically for us. You cannot say that Shiv Baba is incorporeal so how can I relate to Him? He will tell you to look at Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba had an old body and was experienced in family, business etc, yet he still became detached and loving.

Brahma Baba is now present with us in the form of an angel. I too have to become an angel through my love for him. Everyone likes love… there are no problems in love. Love is unlimited. Those who have love will do what the one they love has love for. Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba are the ones who have stolen our hearts. Give your heart to Baba and He will live in your heart. You will also then live in His heart.

Baba now wants us to become angels. Because of His love for us He doesn’t want even a single child to miss out on becoming an angel. We have made this promise to Baba: I will keep Baba with me – I will go home together with him and then go together to the kingdom. You will become an angel by remembering an angel. If you want to go with Him, then you will have to become angel, otherwise how will you fly with Him? Brahma Baba was present in the physical form. Look at his specialities. He had such control over His body that even on the last day his face didn’t change. If you look at the photo of when He conducted the evening class on 18 January 1969, there is no difference in the way he was sitting. He was victorious over the body. His way of dressing, sitting, looking was all the same. Baba demonstrated in a practical way how to be a conqueror of nature. Check now: Have I become the same?

Baba wants us to follow him. Another aspect of this is that only thoughts and words of wonder should emerge for each and every soul from your heart. Within relationships there should be a great deal of love. Love in the mind, in speech, in activity. Become those who follow Baba in such a way. There is no difficulty in becoming Bapsaman (equal to the Father). Baba has searched for you so that He could make you like Him. Brahma Baba did fulfil his responsibilities but when one becomes a carefree emperor, one stops carrying a basket and wears a crown of light.

 Those who remain light will have a crown of light. If there is any burden in the mind, words, activity or relationships, then that cannot be called being equal to the Father. To have love, means to become equal and an angel. To be an angel means that there is no more connection with iron aged sanskars. Baba wants us to change our sanksars and, through this transformation, to change the world. How can I change the world if I haven’t yet changed myself?

Baba may not have given all of us the certificate of gyan and yoga, but He has given all of us the certificate of love. So what does this mean? “Baba says and we do as He says”. Mama became Mama in this way. We once asked Mama how come Baba had designated her, a kumari, as Mama when there were many other older sisters present. Mama responded that her effort was just in two words: Baba says and I do.

Every day Baba tells us what we need to do in the Murli. There are four subjects in each murli. If ever you have anything in your heart, take a Murli of any date at all, and you will definitely find a solution to your problem. This is why Baba draws our attention to the importance of the Murli. To have love for the Murli means to have love for Baba. In order to keep the mind busy and free from waste thoughts, then continue to revise the four subjects in the Murli that you are reading. Whatever Baba has said is what I need to do.

Today everyone can keep this one determined thought, ‘I will definitely pass with my mind, words, activity and relationships’. Finish all feelings of doubt and discouragement. You will then receive so much love from Baba. The word ‘sometimes’ does not exist in the Brahmin dictionary. If you want to go back with Baba, you will have to become like Him. You don’t want to be part of the procession. To be together, means to be equal. It is very easy. Whatever you do, check whether Baba would do it…

When Baba comes next you should be able to give Him your report of having finished the word ‘sometimes’ and of being constantly happy. Each one has Baba’s hand on their head, so it’s not a big thing. Let go of the word ‘sometimes’ and, with determination, become constant.

Om Shanti

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