Peace of Mind TV

pmtv-logo      God’s greatest gift: Peace of Mind TV Channel

We are all daily seekers of inner peace, joy and happiness. There are times when we do enjoy inner peace for days together, but it gets shattered again and again. We tend to look for new solutions and the elite, the educated as well as common masses do pursue the most modern yet temporary methods available. However, even then our prayers ask for peace of mind every morning and before retiring for the day. Well, they say the voice of the people does reach God and He listens. He responds and bestows answers to our honest prayers from the heart. The latest boon or greatest gift from God has come in the form of the new ‘Peace of Mind’ TV Channel 24×7.

This TV Channel totally dedicated to the cause of re-establishing moral and spiritual values, and bestowing peace of mind to the maximum number of people, who are genuinely searching for inner peace and happiness

Over the centuries, we were told that ego, anger, greed, attachment etc are the worst enemies of human beings, and need to be subdued and conquered completely to be able to enjoy peace of mind. This simple fact has been accepted by the Founding Fathers of all religions and their respective followers. However, we still find an ever-growing downfall of human values and morality. While scanning the local media at any point in time, we are bombarded with scandalous news items of degrading standards. Even youngsters are aware of the latest figures on crime graphs. With present day media acting as eye opener for one and all, the necessity of offering “Positive Food for Thought” was felt strongly. The Brahma Kumaris have taken to this initiative in many ways, the latest one being launching of a TV Channel exclusively dedicated to the cause of inner awakening and strengthening the moral fibre of society.

The programmes planned for the 24×7 Channel on Cable network will be offered in all major languages (English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu) to read Direct-To-Home (DTH) in Bharat and many parts of the world. It’s a wonderful schedule designed by the Peace of Mind team. They have kept the aim of bringing benefit to all sections of society by exposing the vast richness of our ancient wisdom, cultural programmes, health guidelines, intellectual discussions, discourses and meditation techniques. This would catalyse the process of spiritual renaissance, re-empowerment and re-establishment of peace within and peace in the world. Won’t it prove to be the greatest gift from God for the entire humankind? When this dream becomes a reality, human

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