Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 04/10/2013

Knowledge: The Unlimited Father explains, everything is included in this study: it has knowledge, yoga, an education and also devotion. In the golden age, there is neither devotion nor knowledge. At the confluence age, there is both knowledge and devotion whereas from the copper age onwards, just devotion continued.

The Father is the Creator of all. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are residents of the subtle region. A new world is created and so Prajapita Brahma is definitely needed. The one from the subtle region cannot come here. That one is the perfect subtle Brahma. The corporeal Brahma is needed here. Brahmins are created through Brahma. The Father adopts this one and then changes his name to Prajapita Brahma. That one is subtle and this one is physical. They say that you sometimes call Dada Brahma, sometimes God and sometimes Krishna. However, this one cannot be called God, but he can be called Brahma and Krishna because Krishna then becomes ugly. So, when it is the night, he is called Brahma and, when it is the day, he is called Krishna. This is the final birth of the Krishna soul and the form of Shri Krishna is the first birth.

Yoga: For as long as you live, you have to continue to have yoga.
Remember the unlimited Father. All three – knowledge, devotion and disinterest – are included in this. This is a new study.

Yoga can also be called devotion because you children stay in unadulterated remembrance. Your remembrance includes knowledge and this is why it is called yoga. You now receive knowledge, you have yoga and you also have disinterest in the unlimited world.

By connecting our intellect’s yoga to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, we will go to the Father. Your sins are absolved with remembrance of the Father. There, they sacrifice themselves at Kashi and their sins are thereby absolved.

Knowledge is more elevated than going into trance. There is an income earned in yoga and your sins are absolved. There is no income in trance. When sins are absolved you can fly. You cannot become healthy and wealthy without knowledge and yoga. Knowledge is easy, and effort has to be made to become ever-healthy and free from disease.

This is a spiritual race. Keep on remembering Shiv Baba. You are the true decoration of the Brahmin clan who are yogi and gyani.

Dharna: Become viceless and also attain the karmateet stage.

Whilst living at home with your family, you also have to become a conqueror of attachment. At the same time you have to fulfil your responsibilities to everyone and live like a lotus flower. In order to imbibe, you definitely have to donate the wealth of knowledge. Accumulate your income with knowledge and yoga, but don’t have any desires for going into trance or having visions.

Inculcate purity in your thoughts, words and deeds. Become an elevated effort-maker who claims number one with the blessing of a divine intellect and spiritual vision.

Service: It is said that daughter shows (reveals) mother. The mother would not sit and talk to anyone. This mother is incognito; that Mama is visible. It is the duty of you Shaktis, you children, to show the mother.

Points of Self Respect: Brahmakumars and kumaris…maharathis…the kings of kings… the true decorations of the Brahmin clan…Shaktis…elevated effort-makers…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 03/10/2013

Knowledge: It is said that God’s ways and means are unique. ‘Gati’ is said to be liberation. After liberation there is liberation-in-life. God is One. He is called the Mother and Father. He comes and adopts you. This parlokik Mother and Father is the One who teaches you the exchange of nectar.

Those who sleep lose out. If you have surrendered yourselves but don’t do service and simply continue to eat and drink, you use up and finish what you got. The Father explains: the consequence not doing service and eating for free is that your status would be destroyed for cycle after cycle. If you don’t do service, you won’t be able to claim a high status. Those who live at home with their families and do service receive a very high status. Everything depends on studying and teaching others.

Yoga: You have to return to the sweet home by leaving your body and becoming bodiless. Therefore, forget bodily religions and relations, break the consciousness of your body, and consider yourself to be bodiless. Maintain this practice.

The Incorporeal Father says, remember Me. Stop remembering worldly parents and remember the parlokik Mother and Father. The aprons of those who are worthy will be filled. They will remember the Father.

You children simply have to remember two words: Allah, Alpha, and beta, the sovereignty. By simply remembering one Alpha, you received the sovereignty. When you have found Alpha, it means you have found the butter and all the rest is buttermilk. The Father says: Manmanabhav, madhyajibhav. Remember Me and you will receive the sovereignty. It is also mentioned in the Granth: Chant the name of Alpha and you will receive the sovereignty. Beta means the butter of the sovereignty. They show butter in the mouth of Krishna.

Dharna: If you want to be the masters of heaven, you definitely have to become pure. Constantly continue to fly in the flying stage with awareness.
There is peace in silence and happiness in peace. Stay in silence and follow shrimat. Each one of you has to look at your own face: What am I worthy of becoming?

Service: Baba says: If you want to make your fortune elevated, do service. You Brahmins have to study and teach others. You have to relate the true Gita. Give others the teachings that you have received from the Father. Make others the same as yourself. You definitely have to do eight hours of service. You are true Brahmins. You have to relate the truth and enable others to have true attainment.

Points of Self Respect: The emperors and empresses of paradise…the masters of the world…the masters of heaven…the long lost and now found children…the true Brahmins…the masters of the land of truth…the sensible children…princes…incarnated souls…angels…elevated souls…intense effort-makers…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 02/10/2013

Knowledge: The Father comes and issues an ordinance: Stop this corruption! The number one corruption is to make one another impure. The unlimited Father, decorates us with knowledge by teaching Raja Yoga.

On the path of devotion, they ask God for mercy and blessings. On the path of knowledge, there is no question of blessings or mercy. This is a study. The Father becomes the Teacher and teaches you. The basis of your fortune is your study. To the extent that someone studies, accordingly he earns an income. This Godfatherly knowledge is a source of income.

These are the versions of incorporeal God. God says: I do not take a human costume. Bodily beings cannot be called God; they are called human beings.

Yoga: The Almighty Father Himself says: consider yourselves to be souls, remember Me, and your sins will be absolved. Remove your intellect’s yoga away from everything else and remember the one Father. These are the most elevated directions. You children become the masters of the world with the power of yoga.

Dharna: Shrimat spoken by God. He is the Highest on High and so His directions are also elevated. By following shrimat, become pure from impure and Narayan from ordinary men. If there isn’t faith, Baba doesn’t open the locks on the intellects and you don’t imbibe anything. When you belong to the Father, you also claim a right to the inheritance.

Become those of divine intellects from those of stone intellects. By following shrimat, become full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely viceless, the highest beings who follow the highest code of conduct, doubly non-violent deities worthy of going to heaven.

Each one has to make their own effort. Transfer your old bags and baggage for 21 births. Insure them and then look after them as a trustee. Study with faith in the intellect. There is as much benefit (faida) as there are rules and regulations (kaida). Therefore, from amrit vela, do not step away from any of the regulations that have been set up.

Service: Yours is Godfatherly service. You are the true servants of Bharat. You cleanse the whole world and make it pure and happy. You have to serve Bharat with your body, mind and wealth. Donate the wealth of knowledge to the poor. Do the true spiritual service of making Bharat pure.

Points of Self Respect: masters of the world…trustees…the kings of kings…spiritual social workers…the highest beings who follow the highest code of conduct…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/10/2013

Knowledge: Incorporeal God speaks through the body of Brahma. You should make this first thing firm: it is not a human being teaching you here. Incorporeal God is teaching you. This is the incorporeal Godfatherly University. This can only sit in your intellect when your body consciousness is removed. When it is not in your fortune, you are unable to imbibe.

Yoga: With the help of the power of yoga, become soul conscious. Forget your body and all bodily relations, have the faith that you are a soul and remember Me, your Father. It is very easy to remember. The Father says: Come to the sweet home. No one, apart from Me, can take you there. In order to see the final scenes with your physical eyes, become yogyukt.

Dharna: From shells transform to diamonds and from ordinary men transform to deities. Lust is the great enemy; you have to conquer this. In the Gita, too, it says: God speaks; Lust is the great enemy. The Father says: Become pure and you will become kings of kings. Listen to the truth from only the one Father. Hear no evil, see no evil. For self-transformation, finish all traces of the limited and whoever you look at or whoever sees you should experience the intoxication of the emperor of the unlimited.

Service: We promise that we will always remain pure and make Bharat pure. Only those who become pure and make others pure will claim a high status. The secrets of this spiritual pilgrimage also have to be explained to your friends and relatives. You have been on physical pilgrimages for birth after birth. This spiritual pilgrimage only takes place once. Everyone has to return home.

When children have courage, the Father helps. You have to become the true, spiritual Salvation Army and salvage Bharat from the vices. Become the Father’s helpers and do spiritual social service.

Points of Self Respect: The masters of the land of truth…the incognito gopikas…Brahmakumars and kumaris…ones with a broad and unlimited intellect…God’s helpers…the spiritual Salvation army…the form of shaktis…Shiv Shakti Pandava Army…the masters of the world…the spiritual social workers…the emperors of the unlimited…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 27/09/2013

Knowledge: A soul is the form of a point. The part of 84 births is recorded in such a tiny soul. One second cannot be the same as the next. These things are nature. The whole part is in the point. In other plays, the whole roles remain in the intellects of those who are to play their parts. Those are small roles. The soul is such a tiny point and yet it is so powerful.

Yoga: Forget remembering your own bodies and everyone else and recognise the Father accurately as He is and what He is and consider yourselves to be points and remember the Father, in the form of a point. You have to break your intellect’s yoga away from limited fathers. Keep the Father in your heart and maintain the happiness of receiving the property. Just think about how tiny a soul is and how it has such an imperishable part recorded in it. Become a point and stay in remembrance of the Father, a point. It is easy to become bodiless for those who have true love for the one Father.

Dharna: The Father’s orders are: While living together, you have to remain pure. You definitely have to become completely pure. You have to donate the five vices, but the main one is lust which you have to conquer completely. Only by remembering the Almighty Authority and following His directions do you receive strength for this.

Service: You have to understand this role of 84 births very well and you also need clever ways of explaining to others. Become merciful and save all souls from the many types of fire. Create a place for sharing knowledge in every street and give everyone a destination.

Points of Self Respect: the Merciful Ones…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 26/09/2013

Knowledge: The flute is in fact the flute of knowledge(murli).

First say “Mother and Father” and after that you can say “BapDada”. In fact, Mother and Father are included in BapDada. A mother of humanity- Prajapatni (wife of the Father of Humanity) is not required because children are mouth-born.

The luckiest star of all is Jagadamba. She has been appointed the main one to look after the children. This is why the urn of knowledge has been placed on her head. This Brahma is the Brahmaputra River. He has a male form, and so Saraswati is definitely needed. It is Saraswati who is called the World Mother. Saraswati is called the goddess of knowledge. This couple is the father and child. It is said, “God is knowledge-full.” Brahma is not knowledge-full.

He is the Sun of Knowledge and it is this one (Brahma) who is the Moon of Knowledge. Then, a star is needed close to the Moon of Knowledge, one that stands alongside the moon. That star is very bright. That star is called the lucky star of knowledge and has been named Saraswati. So, Saraswati is the daughter. This one is the father as well as the largest river.

The incorporeal One is called the Mother and Father; although they say “Adam and Eve” they do not understand that Adam himself is Eve, that Prajapita Brahma himself becomes a mother. Adam and Eve are also called Adam and Bibi; Bibi is Adam. This one is called both Adam and Bibi.

Yoga: The Father’s first order is: Remember Me constantly. To make the Father belong to you means to experience your rights. Those who know the Father and make Him belong to them are great and have a right.

Dharna: Correct the things that are meaningless. In order to become free from the illness of the five vices, you must continue to take advice from the Surgeon. You souls must be careful that you do not catch any illness. Do not behave in any way against the law. Always follow the Father’s orders so that you never become eclipsed by the bad omens of Rahu. Finish dependency on the self, dependency on any relationship or connection and any dependency on matter or adverse situations. Move along-while harmonizing your sanskars and virtues with everyone.

Service: Have an interest in doing service. Become those with broad intellects and invent different ways of doing service. Earn true income and also inspire others to do so.

Points of Self Respect: Lucky Stars…ones with all rights…special souls…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 25/09/2013

Knowledge: When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. No one, apart from that God of Knowledge (Gyaneshwar ) can open this eye of knowledge.

God speaks: I explain to you the secrets of Myself and the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. You have to understand the cycle of the world. By spinning the discus of self-realisation, you will become kings and queens, rulers of the globe. You definitely have to become pure. The flames of destruction emerged from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra.

Yoga: Knowledge is not called a fire. Yoga is said to be the fire. It is only by staying in yoga that your sins are burnt away and you become clean and beautiful. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. Don’t be afraid of or confused about Maya. Practise being bodiless.

Become fair and beautiful with knowledge and yoga. You receive the aim to remember Shiv Baba and you become very beautiful through this. Both the soul and the body will become beautiful.

Dharna: Sit on the pyre of knowledge from the pyre of lust and become beautiful. The quivers of the intellect of those who study very well every day and also teach others are always full of the arrows of knowledge. Study knowledge and have mercy on yourself. Don’t ask the Father for mercy. Make effort to go to the land of Krishna. Follow the shrimat of the doubly-elevated One (Shri Shri) and become the elevated deities of heaven. Become Narayan from ordinary men.

Service: Do the service of changing thorns into buds and buds into flowers in the same way as the Mother and Father did. study well and also teach others and claim a high status. Wake up those sleeping in the sleep of ignorance, the sleep of Kumbhakarna.

Make pure thoughts an invaluable treasure in your life and benefit for yourself and others. With pure feelings in your mind and good wishes in your elevated words enable souls to forge a connection with the Father, by coming into connection and relationship with them and attracting souls by being an embodiment of love and peace.

Points of Self Respect: Decorations of the Brahmin clan…children of God…the true servers of the yagya…the spiritual social workers…the masters of the world…the kings and queens of the globe…those full of success…