Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/01/2014

Wah Wah !

Do not give sorrow, do not take sorrow… give blessings and receive blessings… whatever actions we perform, we, the soul, give happiness and receive happiness…by performing elevated actions, we receive praise, blessings and Wah ! Wah! Wow ! from everyone, and make those actions memorials…at the confluence age we give blessings and receive blessings, and others continue to receive blessings through our non-living images…by accumulating a stock of blessings we become living images that grant visions in the present time…

We receive the sovereignty of the unlimited world from the Unlimited Father…we repeatedly continue to look at the badge and continue to say “Baba Baba!”…by following God’s shrimat we become elevated and accurate, like Laxmi-Narayan… by imbibing courage and checking ourselves, we make effort day and night in our stage of retirement, make our individual fortune and become the deities of the land of immortality…By becoming soul conscious, we transform our vision, that is, we have a vision of brotherhood and make the vision of being brothers and sisters firm…we are the Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris who become worthy, and sing “Wah my fortune, wah!” with great intoxication and become yogis radiant with joy…By having full victory over vices and full victory over sinful thoughts, and having thoughts only of God, we go beyond any thoughts of happiness and sorrow…by settling our karmic accounts, we are beyond actions and neutral actions, in a stage of being free of actions and free from thoughts…

With the remembrance of the one Father, the Comforter of Hearts, we constantly sing the songs of wonder Wah! Wah!…whatever has happened is wonderful, whatever is happening is wonderful and whatever is to happen will be wonderful…all three aspects of time are wonderful, that is they are the best of all….by being full of attainments, we become free from desires…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 30/12/2013

Slogan: A divine intellect is itself the basis of the power of silence.

We, the souls with divine vision, complete and perfect in the treasures of knowledge, yoga, dharna and service, attaining success by using the right methods, are close to the Father…

By giving inspiration through our every thought, word and deed, we become the images of inspiration…with our divine intellects and with the basis of the power of silence, we experience the things that are far to be close…with our power of spirituality, we are clearly able to see, to speak to and give and take co-operation from the souls who are far, and experience closeness…we are master almighty authorities with clean power of thoughts, stabilized in our stage of being complete and perfect… with pure thoughts, pure mind and a divine intellect, we have a vehicle with a fast speed without spending any money…we go on a pilgrimage to the sweet home in a second whenever we want and return whenever we want…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 29/12/2013

Children have made a promise: We will stay with You, we will return home with You – that is just to the incorporeal world! You knowledgeable children do not just receive some temporary fruit, but you claim the full inheritance from the Father and claim a full right to the inheritance.

On His own, without the children, the Father cannot do anything in this corporeal world. He first makes the children instruments and then He Himself becomes the Backbone. He remains combined and, as Karavanhar, inspires the children to do everything.

When people celebrate Shiv Jayanti, they offer one thing or another. They surrender themselves. BapDada does not look at the object, He does not look at the paper of the card or the letter, but He is looking at the love of the heart that is filled in that. That physical gift you give emerges in the subtle region, but that gift cannot be made to emerge in the incorporeal world. Only gifts of thoughts will reach there.

All of you have experienced that by your maintaining courage whenever it is needed, Baba definitely helps you. This is guaranteed. It has to be your courage and there will then be Baba’s help. To be able to use all the powers at the right time, according to the time, is known as being a gyani and yogi soul.

BapDada has told you that He would then make a rosary of eight to ten strings. Therefore, you should not worry about this. Continue to make this thought of being in the rosary of 108 firm every now and again. Do not let it become slack. Continue to stamp the thought with determination. “Yes, I have to become part of this rosary, no matter what happens. My faith is unshakeable and unbreakable. Do not look at others, you will receive your number. This is Baba’s guarantee. Do not step aside by thinking in this way. Do not let the thread of the rosary remain empty in between. If one bead were to be removed from in between or if a bead in the middle were to break, the garland would not be good. Do not do this. However, Baba guarantees that you will definitely come in the rosary. It is the people of the path of devotion who have created the rosary of 108. BapDada can increase it as much as He wants.

To think of anything impure or wasteful, to speak of anything impure or wasteful and to do anything impure or wasteful. To think, to speak and to do. A lot of time is wasted in this. There aren’t as many sinful actions being performed. The number of wasteful actions being performed is greater.

All of you should constantly continue to swing in the swing of love and distance yourself from having to labour. When you continually swing in the swing of love, all labouring will finish. Do not keep thinking: I want to stop having to labour. I want to stop this. Simply sit in the swing of love and your labouring will automatically stop. Do not try to stop it, but try instead to sit and swing in the swings.

Shiv Jayanti means the jayanti of stopping all hard work. Simply remain seated under the canopy of protection. Brahmin life means to swing, not with Maya. Maya also makes you swing. Continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, swing in the swing of happiness, swing in the swing of the experience of all powers. You have so many swings. Even the princes and princesses here do not have that many swings. Swing in whichever swing you want. One moment, swing in the swing of love, one moment, swing in the swing of bliss, one moment in the swing of knowledge. You have so many swings! Countless! So, do not come down from the swings.

What is the body said to be? Dust being turned to dust. The body is mud, Do not even put your feet in it. Even to have a thought means to put your feet in it. You should not have any body consciousness even in your thoughts. Think about it and remember how beloved you are. Who are you beloved of? Even in the golden age there won’t be anyone dearly loved by God. You will be loved by the divine souls.

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 23/12/2013

Slogan: To give regard to everyone’s advice is to receive regard. Those who give regard can never insult anyone.

We, the soul conscious souls, think less and do more…we are the merciful and compassionate karma yogis who give regard and respect to others, remain seated on our seat of self respect while performing actions and experience yoga in karma…. by imbibing pure and elevated intentions for each one, we constantly give happiness and receive happiness…by pure thinking, we have pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions, good feelings and pure wishes, are loved by everyone and become the beads on the rosary of victory…we are the true vaishnavs of the land of Vishnu…

We finish the defects in others with the power of our own virtues, make the weak ones powerful, give respect to hopeless cases, and look at the young or the old, the maharathis or infantry, with respect…we are those who give regard and respect to all… we give respect to those who do not give us respect, we give destination to those who constantly reject others, and make those who defame others into ones who praise others…we are virtuous souls who garland those who defame us with garlands of virtues…

we are the pure, holy, worship worthy, satopradhaan beads in the Shri Shri 108 rosary of Rudra, the heirs, the children of God in the flying stage, who give regard to the young and to the old, and who go to the land of Krishna…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 20/12/2013

Slogan: The speciality of holy swans is cleanliness and their duty is to become clean and make everyone clean.

Purity is reality…purity is royalty… the authority of purity is the greatest personality… purity is the foundation, the original religion and the most elevated decoration of Brahmin life… purity is the mother of peace and happiness….By making the dharma of purity our personal dharna in life, we, the souls, become great…by imbibing purity, we experience super sensuous joy and sweet silence… we become great, elevated and worthy of worship by putting a full stop to thinking, seeing, speaking or doing anything wasteful, such that there is no name or trace or influence of any vice or impurity left… we are holy swans transforming wasteful into powerful, and attaining blessings and congratulations from BapDada’s heart…

We are light in our relationships, connection and stage… in our deeds and in our behaviour, in our nature, sanskars and service we are truthful, honest, clean and clear hearted, transparent, easy, peaceful, cool, tolerant, happy, content, well-mannered, complete and perfect and therefore embodiments of success…we are clean and make everyone clean…we are humble, stainless, polite, brave, free of fear, free of animosity and prove the truth with good manners…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 16/11/2013

Knowledge: People sing: “You are our Mother and Father and we are Your children”… As well as being the Father, that One is also the Supreme Judge. I come into the impure world to give you children your kingdom of self-sovereignty for 21 births. If you do anything destructive, you will have to endure full punishment. Whatever you are doing now is also for 21 births. You claim your reward of heaven for 21 births. By following shrimat in every respect, your boat goes across. The Father says: I seat you children in My eyes and take you across in great comfort. I keep the key to divine visions with Myself. I do not give this to anyone. The word “Baba” is the key to all treasures: constantly look after this key carefully.

Yoga: The Father explains: Become soul conscious! I am a soul. Baba, You are the Ocean of Knowledge. Effort lies in becoming soul conscious. This is why the Father repeatedly says: Be cautious, Manmanabhav! Maya slaps you if you don’t remember the Father. Therefore, practise staying in constant remembrance. Baba has shown you methods to do this: Manmanabhav! Remember Me, that’s all, and you will shed your bodies while sitting. Continue to remember the Father wherever you go. There is a great burden of sin on your head. You also have to settle the suffering of karma.

Be constantly embodiments of remembrance and embodiments of all virtues and all powers; make every virtue and every power your natural form. You should not have to make effort even to remember, but when you remain absorbed in remembrance, you would then be said to be the same as the Father.

Dharna: Remain soul conscious and you will be able to follow every shrimat of the Father. By following shrimat you become those with divine intellects. Become pure, holy, worthy of worship, elevated, unadulterated, satvik and satopradhan. Make complete effort to claim their full inheritance from the Father; they take the Father’s advice at every step. You must listen to the murli. Study is a source of income. Do not perform any wrong act. Make your fortune for 21 births on the basis of shrimat. Remain very cautious at every step you take.

Service: Do a lot of service through pictures. Become merciful just like the Father and liberate everyone from sorrow. Show them the path to happiness.

Points of Self Respect: the children of the Unlimited Mother and Father…the masters of the world…wise…long-lost and now-found children…ones with a divine intellect…complete and perfect…

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 14/11/2013

Knowledge: Shiv Baba Himself sits here and explains: They are those who bring a message, but there is no one to send Me here. I would not be called a messenger. पैगम्बर I come to give peace and happiness to the children. No one told Me to come. I Myself am the Master.

Baba has explained: Remember Me and follow My shrimat. There is no question of inspiration in this. If everything were to happen through inspiration, there would be no need for the Father to come. Shiv Baba is here. So, what is the need for Him to give inspiration?

Some trance messengers bring a message but there are sometimes a lot of things also mixed in that. Not all trance messengers are the same; there is a lot of interference of Maya. Everything has to be verified by another trance messenger.

Yoga: Remember the Father and your inheritance…Baba says, remember Me alone and you will come to Me. Always stay in the intoxication and happiness that you will shed your old body and then go and become a prince. Be constant embodiments of the awareness of all relationships. Forget the past and remain close (paas) to BapDada .

Dharna: You don’t need to listen to the news of the old world. Remain decorated with the bracelet of your promise and the decoration of all virtues.

It is remembered of shrimat: Whatever you feed me, whatever you give me to wear, wherever you make me sit, I will just do that. जो खिलायेंगे, जो पहनायेंगे, जहाँ बिठायेंगे….. Children who follow shrimat follow every one of the Father’s orders. Be obedient and follow every order. Always perform elevated actions according to shrimat. Don’t be influenced by the directions of others. Never mix the dictates of your own minds with shrimat. Understand what is right and what is wrong. If you are unable to understand something, definitely have it verified.

Shiva is the Mother and Father, and then Brahma and Jagadamba are also the mother and father. These matters have to be understood and imbibed.

Service: You first have to explain: The Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes to make impure ones pure. If He is beyond name and form, how could there be His jayanti? God is called the Father. Everyone believes in the Father. Souls and the Supreme Soul are incorporeal. Souls receive corporeal bodies. These matters have to be understood. This is even easier for those who haven’t studied any scriptures etc.

You also have to explain that it is wrong to call God omnipresent. It is the five vices that are omnipresent.

Those who know the Father would give the Father’s introduction to others. You have to give the introduction of the Father and His creation. If you don’t give others the Father’s introduction, it means you don’t know Him. If you have that intoxication, you then have to make others intoxicated. Maintain this intoxication and do God’s service.

Points of Self Respect: Sensible…obedient… loving to God… worthy… prince… angelic form… deity form… pass with honours…