Jewel of the Day – 01/01/2014

Tirelessly Working To Bring About Change

The one who is tireless works quietly to make changes in themselves and others. When things go wrong, tirelessness enables me to work toward bringing about  a change without complaining. Like when we add bricks to build a foundation no one notices the actual work, but the result speaks for itself. Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust, especially when the adjustment required is due to someone else’s mistake. When this happens I have to have faith that this is my contribution to bring about a change. When I adjust and adapt to the situation without feelings of negativity, I will find things changing for the better.

Jewel of the Day – 20/12/2013


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Gift of Acceptance

Think about your nearest and dearest and the way you react to them.  Are you accepting of others?  Accepting of all their flaws and quirks?  This festive season, give the gift of acceptance.  Accept others unconditionally and you give them the gift to be themselves, and accept themselves as they are.  Accept, and your relationship with them will improve as a result.

Jewel of the Day – 16/11/2013

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Change Your Face

Whatever’s going on in our heads is reflected on our face.  That means, we wear our thoughts on our face!

Look in the mirror and notice the changing expressions on your face as you think about something happy, sad, stressful, funny, embarrassing….

To reflect what you want on your face, change whatever’s going on in your head.  Change your thoughts and you change your face.

Jewel of the Day – 11/11/2013

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Filtering Criticism
Do you get defensive when being criticised? Get defensive and you stop yourself from taking useful suggestions from the criticism.

The next time criticism comes your way, try this: get your focus away from the negative tone of the criticism and focus on deep breathing.  Breathe away any heightened emotion and watch your defensiveness fade away.

Now think about the criticism and keep the useful bits and filter out the rest.


Jewel of the Day – 03/11/2013

Just as a tortoise is able to withdraw into it’s shell, at a moment’s notice, we too can withdraw our attention away from what’s happening around us.  We can step back from our senses …and then step back again from our thoughts and emotions.  Reconnect with the self, as a being.  A being, separate from the doing. 

HAPPY diwali to ALL…!!!!