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Murli Essence – 01/01/2014

Essence: Sweet children, you have to become completely pure. Therefore, don’t cause anyone sorrow. Do not perform any sinful actions through your physical organs. Always continue to follow the Father’s orders.
Question: What is the way to change from a stone to a philosopher’s stone? Which illness becomes an obstacle in this?
Answer: In order to change from a stone to a philosopher’s stone, you need to have the intoxication of becoming Narayan and your body consciousness has to be broken. It is this body consciousness that is the most severe illness. Until you become soul conscious, you cannot become a philosopher’s stone. Only those who become a philosopher’s stone become the Father’s helpers. Only service will make your intellect golden. For this, you need to pay full attention to the study.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Remain pure in your thoughts, words and deeds. Be cautious that you don’t perform any sinful actions through your physical organs. In order to make the soul pure you definitely have to stay in remembrance.
2. In order to be liberated from the severe illness of body consciousness, maintain the intoxication of becoming Narayan. Practise: I came bodiless and I now have to return home bodiless.
Blessing: May you constantly have zeal and enthusiasm and sing songs of happiness in your mind and have the imperishable fortune of happiness!
You fortunate children attain imperishable success by using imperishable methods. Songs of “Wah! Wah!” of happiness are constantly being sung in your mind. “Wah Baba, Wah fortune! Wah my sweet family! “Wah, elevated wonderful time of the confluence age! Every action is “Wah Wah!” and you therefore have the imperishable fortune of happiness. You can never have the question “Why me?” in your mind. Instead of “Why?” it is “Wah Wah” and instead of “I” there is the word “Baba”.
Slogan: Put the imperishable stamp of the government on the thoughts you have and they will remain firm.

Self Explore – 01/01/2014

The power to merge brings success in relationships. 

Expression: The speciality of the ocean is to merge. The most beautiful pearl is made of the dirt that is thrown into the ocean. So also the power to merge actually allows one to look at the positivity in spite of the obvious negativity that is expressed by the other person. So the relationship with the other person is only with their positivity.

Experience: When I am able to merge the negativity of others, and look at the positive aspect in them instead, I can automatically experience being light and positive within. Also I find others relating to me with their positivity. I am able to be successful in my relationship with others, however difficult the personality traits of the other person may be.


Soul Sustenance – 01/01/2014

The Art Of Stepping In And Stepping Out In Relationships (Part 2) 

In the same way as the gardener (explained yesterday), we have the duty, or rather the honor, of planting positive seeds of good intentions, love, respect and tolerance, at the same time allowing others and the forces of the universe to be given the space to work and respond according to their time and inclination.Very often we plant those seeds but want an immediate result: * I have shown so much patience, but she doesn’t change. or * How much longer do I have to tolerate? I feel suppressed. We become attached to what we do, so there is no space for things to happen at their own appropriate time. Sometimes we have the wrong type of mercy, or we want to take control, thinking we know better, so we step into people’s lives too much. This interference and lack of free space provokes hatred, resentment and conflict with others.

At other times, we get fed up with others; our tolerance and empathy is completely reduced and we say, * I’ve had enough or * I have got to do my own thing and so we step out, but in a selfish way, that is, we isolate ourselves from others, or situations. We justify, or disguise, this isolation and rejection and dislike towards others with such phrases as * I need my own space or * Let them stand on their own feet. In actual fact, we aren’t bothered anymore; we have stepped too far out of the picture because we have not cultivated the patience which allows the good and positive to germinate and grow in its own time. It is an art to know when to step back and when to step forward, but a very necessary one if well-being is to be achieved.

Jewel of the Day – 01/01/2014

Tirelessly Working To Bring About Change

The one who is tireless works quietly to make changes in themselves and others. When things go wrong, tirelessness enables me to work toward bringing about  a change without complaining. Like when we add bricks to build a foundation no one notices the actual work, but the result speaks for itself. Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust, especially when the adjustment required is due to someone else’s mistake. When this happens I have to have faith that this is my contribution to bring about a change. When I adjust and adapt to the situation without feelings of negativity, I will find things changing for the better.

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/01/2014

Wah Wah !

Do not give sorrow, do not take sorrow… give blessings and receive blessings… whatever actions we perform, we, the soul, give happiness and receive happiness…by performing elevated actions, we receive praise, blessings and Wah ! Wah! Wow ! from everyone, and make those actions memorials…at the confluence age we give blessings and receive blessings, and others continue to receive blessings through our non-living images…by accumulating a stock of blessings we become living images that grant visions in the present time…

We receive the sovereignty of the unlimited world from the Unlimited Father…we repeatedly continue to look at the badge and continue to say “Baba Baba!”…by following God’s shrimat we become elevated and accurate, like Laxmi-Narayan… by imbibing courage and checking ourselves, we make effort day and night in our stage of retirement, make our individual fortune and become the deities of the land of immortality…By becoming soul conscious, we transform our vision, that is, we have a vision of brotherhood and make the vision of being brothers and sisters firm…we are the Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris who become worthy, and sing “Wah my fortune, wah!” with great intoxication and become yogis radiant with joy…By having full victory over vices and full victory over sinful thoughts, and having thoughts only of God, we go beyond any thoughts of happiness and sorrow…by settling our karmic accounts, we are beyond actions and neutral actions, in a stage of being free of actions and free from thoughts…

With the remembrance of the one Father, the Comforter of Hearts, we constantly sing the songs of wonder Wah! Wah!…whatever has happened is wonderful, whatever is happening is wonderful and whatever is to happen will be wonderful…all three aspects of time are wonderful, that is they are the best of all….by being full of attainments, we become free from desires…