About Us


The Knowledge Jewels is an humble attempt to create a ONE STOP-SHOP for all those craving for the Knowledge of the Absolute as preserved and presented in Rudra Gyan Yagya.

It aims to provide an essential set of tool kit to keep the MIND & INTELLECT busy in churning knowledge and relish Divine Connection. We believe, this will inevitably elevate human consciousness, heal relationships, promote global peace and create mutual harmony between humans & nature for a lasting peace, progress and prosperity of the human civilisation.

Credit for almost all of this literature goes to Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) and its Affiliates. It represents material available in the public domain.

Thank you for being with us today!


This blog is purely a personal, non-profit & non-commercial engagement, and the material presented herein is purely for educational purposes. All readers are requested to exercise personal discretion in reading, viewing and/or practicing ideas presented here.

Error or omission (if any) will be solely accidental & unintentional.

9 responses to “About Us

  1. Om Shanti. Thanks for sharing precious information of Gyan. Baba keeps power to continue brilliant sewa in future.

  2. Thanks to Baba for serving me jewels like these. These jewels are very simple & easy gives us power of healing and happiness. True happiness nourishes soul. This is the basis of changing attitude,our vision . The moment I read I feel myself real & true GOLD. Thanks and best wishes to Nimit Atma too..

  3. Om Shanti ! Congratulations ! Infinite jewels at the click of my fingers. Thank You Baba for giving us a beautiful family to share your jewels with. Thank You my dear family for creating this.

  4. this is a great boon for all of us those who are constantly are on the move and not able to visit the centre regularly, but do have internet connectivity, it is indeed a blessing from baba himself! om shanti

  5. Om Shanti!!!! A very great work!!!!! Thank you very much for this intense effort!! Very informative and giving Baba’s gyan at doorsteps!! Lot of happiness sustains into soul once I go through everything here!!Thank You once again!!

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