Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/01/2014

Wah Wah !

Do not give sorrow, do not take sorrow… give blessings and receive blessings… whatever actions we perform, we, the soul, give happiness and receive happiness…by performing elevated actions, we receive praise, blessings and Wah ! Wah! Wow ! from everyone, and make those actions memorials…at the confluence age we give blessings and receive blessings, and others continue to receive blessings through our non-living images…by accumulating a stock of blessings we become living images that grant visions in the present time…

We receive the sovereignty of the unlimited world from the Unlimited Father…we repeatedly continue to look at the badge and continue to say “Baba Baba!”…by following God’s shrimat we become elevated and accurate, like Laxmi-Narayan… by imbibing courage and checking ourselves, we make effort day and night in our stage of retirement, make our individual fortune and become the deities of the land of immortality…By becoming soul conscious, we transform our vision, that is, we have a vision of brotherhood and make the vision of being brothers and sisters firm…we are the Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris who become worthy, and sing “Wah my fortune, wah!” with great intoxication and become yogis radiant with joy…By having full victory over vices and full victory over sinful thoughts, and having thoughts only of God, we go beyond any thoughts of happiness and sorrow…by settling our karmic accounts, we are beyond actions and neutral actions, in a stage of being free of actions and free from thoughts…

With the remembrance of the one Father, the Comforter of Hearts, we constantly sing the songs of wonder Wah! Wah!…whatever has happened is wonderful, whatever is happening is wonderful and whatever is to happen will be wonderful…all three aspects of time are wonderful, that is they are the best of all….by being full of attainments, we become free from desires…

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