Soul Sustenance – 31/12/2013

The Art Of Stepping In And Stepping Out In Relationships (Part 1) 

For any activity, or relationship to remain peaceful and successful, we must know how far to step in and how far to step out. It is like a gardener who sows seeds at the right time, steps in to plant and water them and then steps out of the picture to allow nature to carry on with her work. However, from time to time, he steps in again to see if there is enough water, if any insects are attacking the plants, if any food is needed. His role is to find the appropriate space for the potential beauty and uniqueness of the seeds to emerge; he does not create the flowers but facilitates their expression. The gardener does not step in too much; that would be called interference. After planting the seeds, he does not demand an immediate result; he does not dig them up next day to see if they have sprouted. He plays his role, fulfils his duty, but lets go because he understands the blooming of the flowers is not dependent on him. Nor does he let go too much. If he did, then the plants would die from lack of care, or the insects and weeds would destroy them. He does not let go so much that he isolates himself from the process. Instead, by knowing when to step in and when to step out, he creates a respectful partnership or relationship with nature.

Tomorrow we shall apply this example to real life relationships.

2 responses to “Soul Sustenance – 31/12/2013

  1. My dear friend,

    I adore to read the soul sustenance letters I received many times. But since a long time I don’t receive them anymore It’ s such a pity because it’s my daily food to keep my inner strength Is it possible to send me back every day?

    Thanks a lot

    • Dear All,
      Om Shanti.

      We would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued patronage and support of this site over the past many years.

      Please note that maintenance of this site has been stopped for the time being. Going forward, we request you to refer to for your daily murli classes, songs, video and other spiritual treats.

      We are humbled by your overwhelming support, readership and good wishes.

      May you instantaneously become Baba’s Jewel of attainment and achievement!

      Yours in Baba’s service,

      The Knowledge Jewel Team

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