Soul Sustenance – 30/12/2013

Where Does The Supreme Soul (God) Reside? 

Where does the Supreme Soul (God) live? Is there somewhere I can go to see him, to be with him? Since he is a tiny star-like soul (energy) it is obvious that he does not pervade the physical universe. In fact he is beyond it. He is in one location and when I discover that location, I can connect with him with my mind wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

The home of the soul (from where the soul has come on the world stage) and the Supreme Soul is the region of subtle, golden-red light, the incorporeal world or Shantidham, which is a world beyond the five elements which can be visualized during meditation. It doesn’t mean that the Supreme Being is millions of light years away. I can reach him in one thought, just as a correctly dialed telephone number connects me. He is only one thought away from me. In this region of absolute stillness, silence and purity, God, the Supreme Soul is able to remain perfectly stable, constant and unchanging, while the rest of the universe and the souls are changing around him, coming in the cycle of happiness and sorrow. The Father’s home is also that of the children. Some people think that he dwells (resides) in the heart of human beings. In a figurative way he does, his love and other virtues are there in our hearts, but his real home is the soul world.

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