Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 29/12/2013

Children have made a promise: We will stay with You, we will return home with You – that is just to the incorporeal world! You knowledgeable children do not just receive some temporary fruit, but you claim the full inheritance from the Father and claim a full right to the inheritance.

On His own, without the children, the Father cannot do anything in this corporeal world. He first makes the children instruments and then He Himself becomes the Backbone. He remains combined and, as Karavanhar, inspires the children to do everything.

When people celebrate Shiv Jayanti, they offer one thing or another. They surrender themselves. BapDada does not look at the object, He does not look at the paper of the card or the letter, but He is looking at the love of the heart that is filled in that. That physical gift you give emerges in the subtle region, but that gift cannot be made to emerge in the incorporeal world. Only gifts of thoughts will reach there.

All of you have experienced that by your maintaining courage whenever it is needed, Baba definitely helps you. This is guaranteed. It has to be your courage and there will then be Baba’s help. To be able to use all the powers at the right time, according to the time, is known as being a gyani and yogi soul.

BapDada has told you that He would then make a rosary of eight to ten strings. Therefore, you should not worry about this. Continue to make this thought of being in the rosary of 108 firm every now and again. Do not let it become slack. Continue to stamp the thought with determination. “Yes, I have to become part of this rosary, no matter what happens. My faith is unshakeable and unbreakable. Do not look at others, you will receive your number. This is Baba’s guarantee. Do not step aside by thinking in this way. Do not let the thread of the rosary remain empty in between. If one bead were to be removed from in between or if a bead in the middle were to break, the garland would not be good. Do not do this. However, Baba guarantees that you will definitely come in the rosary. It is the people of the path of devotion who have created the rosary of 108. BapDada can increase it as much as He wants.

To think of anything impure or wasteful, to speak of anything impure or wasteful and to do anything impure or wasteful. To think, to speak and to do. A lot of time is wasted in this. There aren’t as many sinful actions being performed. The number of wasteful actions being performed is greater.

All of you should constantly continue to swing in the swing of love and distance yourself from having to labour. When you continually swing in the swing of love, all labouring will finish. Do not keep thinking: I want to stop having to labour. I want to stop this. Simply sit in the swing of love and your labouring will automatically stop. Do not try to stop it, but try instead to sit and swing in the swings.

Shiv Jayanti means the jayanti of stopping all hard work. Simply remain seated under the canopy of protection. Brahmin life means to swing, not with Maya. Maya also makes you swing. Continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, swing in the swing of happiness, swing in the swing of the experience of all powers. You have so many swings. Even the princes and princesses here do not have that many swings. Swing in whichever swing you want. One moment, swing in the swing of love, one moment, swing in the swing of bliss, one moment in the swing of knowledge. You have so many swings! Countless! So, do not come down from the swings.

What is the body said to be? Dust being turned to dust. The body is mud, Do not even put your feet in it. Even to have a thought means to put your feet in it. You should not have any body consciousness even in your thoughts. Think about it and remember how beloved you are. Who are you beloved of? Even in the golden age there won’t be anyone dearly loved by God. You will be loved by the divine souls.

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