Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 23/12/2013

Slogan: To give regard to everyone’s advice is to receive regard. Those who give regard can never insult anyone.

We, the soul conscious souls, think less and do more…we are the merciful and compassionate karma yogis who give regard and respect to others, remain seated on our seat of self respect while performing actions and experience yoga in karma…. by imbibing pure and elevated intentions for each one, we constantly give happiness and receive happiness…by pure thinking, we have pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions, good feelings and pure wishes, are loved by everyone and become the beads on the rosary of victory…we are the true vaishnavs of the land of Vishnu…

We finish the defects in others with the power of our own virtues, make the weak ones powerful, give respect to hopeless cases, and look at the young or the old, the maharathis or infantry, with respect…we are those who give regard and respect to all… we give respect to those who do not give us respect, we give destination to those who constantly reject others, and make those who defame others into ones who praise others…we are virtuous souls who garland those who defame us with garlands of virtues…

we are the pure, holy, worship worthy, satopradhaan beads in the Shri Shri 108 rosary of Rudra, the heirs, the children of God in the flying stage, who give regard to the young and to the old, and who go to the land of Krishna…

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