Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 20/12/2013

Slogan: The speciality of holy swans is cleanliness and their duty is to become clean and make everyone clean.

Purity is reality…purity is royalty… the authority of purity is the greatest personality… purity is the foundation, the original religion and the most elevated decoration of Brahmin life… purity is the mother of peace and happiness….By making the dharma of purity our personal dharna in life, we, the souls, become great…by imbibing purity, we experience super sensuous joy and sweet silence… we become great, elevated and worthy of worship by putting a full stop to thinking, seeing, speaking or doing anything wasteful, such that there is no name or trace or influence of any vice or impurity left… we are holy swans transforming wasteful into powerful, and attaining blessings and congratulations from BapDada’s heart…

We are light in our relationships, connection and stage… in our deeds and in our behaviour, in our nature, sanskars and service we are truthful, honest, clean and clear hearted, transparent, easy, peaceful, cool, tolerant, happy, content, well-mannered, complete and perfect and therefore embodiments of success…we are clean and make everyone clean…we are humble, stainless, polite, brave, free of fear, free of animosity and prove the truth with good manners…

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