Murli Essence – 20/12/2013

Essence: Sweet children, have true love for the one Father and He will take you back home with Him. He will liberate you from all sins and make you into the masters of heaven.

Question: What main dharna is needed in order to keep yourself happy ?

Answer: Only when you know how to have a spiritual conversation with yourself can you remain happy. Let there not be attachment to anything. Your stomach only needs two chapattis, that’s all. Only when you have the dharna of an attitude that is free from attraction can you remain cheerful. Churn knowledge and keep yourself happy. You arc karma yogis. While working, performing your household chores and eating, remember the Father. Let the discus of self-realisation continue to spin in your intellects and there will be a lot of happiness.

Song: Neither will He be separated from me, nor will the love in my heart disappear!

Essence for Dharna:

1. While walking and moving around be lighthouses and show everyone the path. Renounce all desires and stay in remembrance of the one Father. Continue to take advice from the Father.

2. Entertain yourselves with things of knowledge. Talk to yourself. Spin the discuss of self-realisation and remain constantly cheerful.

Blessing: May you become a humble instrument by closing the door to the consciousness of “I” and bidding farewell to Maya !

When a server doing service has the thought: “I did this”, to have that consciousness of “I” means to pour water over everything that server has done. A server means one who never forgets the Father who inspires it to be done and that He is the One who is making you do everything and that you are just doing it as an instrument. Where there is the consciousness of being an instrument, there will automatically be the consciousness of humility. When one is an instrument and humble, Maya cannot come. Close the door to the consciousness of “I” and Maya will bid farewell.

Slogan: The speciality of holy swans is cleanliness and their duty is to become clean and make everyone clean.

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