Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 16/11/2013

Knowledge: People sing: “You are our Mother and Father and we are Your children”… As well as being the Father, that One is also the Supreme Judge. I come into the impure world to give you children your kingdom of self-sovereignty for 21 births. If you do anything destructive, you will have to endure full punishment. Whatever you are doing now is also for 21 births. You claim your reward of heaven for 21 births. By following shrimat in every respect, your boat goes across. The Father says: I seat you children in My eyes and take you across in great comfort. I keep the key to divine visions with Myself. I do not give this to anyone. The word “Baba” is the key to all treasures: constantly look after this key carefully.

Yoga: The Father explains: Become soul conscious! I am a soul. Baba, You are the Ocean of Knowledge. Effort lies in becoming soul conscious. This is why the Father repeatedly says: Be cautious, Manmanabhav! Maya slaps you if you don’t remember the Father. Therefore, practise staying in constant remembrance. Baba has shown you methods to do this: Manmanabhav! Remember Me, that’s all, and you will shed your bodies while sitting. Continue to remember the Father wherever you go. There is a great burden of sin on your head. You also have to settle the suffering of karma.

Be constantly embodiments of remembrance and embodiments of all virtues and all powers; make every virtue and every power your natural form. You should not have to make effort even to remember, but when you remain absorbed in remembrance, you would then be said to be the same as the Father.

Dharna: Remain soul conscious and you will be able to follow every shrimat of the Father. By following shrimat you become those with divine intellects. Become pure, holy, worthy of worship, elevated, unadulterated, satvik and satopradhan. Make complete effort to claim their full inheritance from the Father; they take the Father’s advice at every step. You must listen to the murli. Study is a source of income. Do not perform any wrong act. Make your fortune for 21 births on the basis of shrimat. Remain very cautious at every step you take.

Service: Do a lot of service through pictures. Become merciful just like the Father and liberate everyone from sorrow. Show them the path to happiness.

Points of Self Respect: the children of the Unlimited Mother and Father…the masters of the world…wise…long-lost and now-found children…ones with a divine intellect…complete and perfect…

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