Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 03/11/2013

The greatness of this elevated life and this elevated knowledge is to experience it all. One is to understand and the other is to put it into practice, which means to experience it. Unless you have experienced everything, there is no difference between having knowledge from souls and having knowledge from the Supreme Soul.

If you are not powerful in any particular point of knowledge, then you have definitely not become an embodiment of the experience of those points. Do not just take the support of the Father’s words, but understand the intention behind the words. Let experience be your support.

To be experienced means to be constantly beyond any type of deception, sorrow or confusion. धोखे से, दुःख, दुविधा से परे Experience is the foundation. If the foundation of your experience is weak, you would be compelled मजबूर by your own sanskars, the sanskars of others or the big and small obstacles of Maya. This proves that the foundation of experience is not strong. मज़बूत Someone who is an embodiment of experience constantly considers the self to be complete and doesn’t consider any type of compulsion to be compulsion but would consider it a means to make one strong in life. The stage of compulsion is a sign of lack of attainment. An embodiment of experience is an embodiment of all attainments.

When BapDada sees the stage of the children in which you are unable to bring benefit to yourselves or unable to transform yourselves, and when you speak of your weakness as being something of great bravery, the Father knows that you are also those who understand, but, as yet, are without experience. Because of this, you are knowledge-full, but not powerful. You are those who listen and relate, but not those who can understand and become equal to the Father. Those who are not equal are not able to face anything. जो समान नहीं वो सामना भी नहीं कर सकते | They sometimes wilt and sometimes smile. कभी मुरझाते, कभी मुस्कराते |Therefore, stay in solitude and remain introverted. एकान्तवासी बनो, अन्तर्मुखी बनो Make yourself full in having the experience of every aspect.

What is the sign of a horse rider? The sign of a horse rider is a question mark, and the sign of a maharathi is a full stop. Your stage automatically reveals your number. If someone wishes to move forward, that one will receive that chance. If someone is to claim a number at the back, circumstances and situations of such a nature will automatically come in front of that one due to which he will not have the strength to climb over the wall. The main reason has been that from the beginning he hasn’t continued to move along having experienced every virtue, every power and every point. Very few souls have experience as their foundation.

The main thing is to make the Father your Companion. If you make the Father your constant Companion, Maya will automatically leave you alone. Be the Father’s constant companion; do not step away for even a second. When you do not have the company of your Companion and do everything on your own, you find that it takes a lot of effort. To have the Father’s company means that it is already accomplished. When you step away, you find even small things to be difficult. Therefore, become introspective and go deep into this experience and you will experience yourself to be powerful.

Brahmin life means happiness. If you do not have happiness, you do not have anything. Pay constant attention and be aware of the path that takes away your happiness. Close the gate to that path and you will constantly experience yourself to be powerful. Learn how to look after your treasures.

Make a vow to yourself that no matter what happens, you would never break your promise. You have found the Father and the inheritance, so what else remains? If you have the balance of service of the self and service of others, you will then find that you don’t have to labour so hard, but will receive greater success.

HAPPY diwali to ALL…!!!!


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