Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 20/10/2013

The reason for not having the power to discern, is that there isn’t stability in the intellect. (ekaagrata) There is the upheaval of waste or impure thoughts. There isn’t the constantly stable stage (ekras avastha) of taking the sweetness of all relationships (sarv ras) with One. You give up the position of being a conqueror of Maya because you lack the power to discern.

The little mistake is that you mix the dictates of your own mind (manmat) with shrimat. What is the basis of that? Carelessness, laziness and being attracted by many types of Maya’s attraction. (albelapan, aalasya aur aakarshan) This is why the first zeal and enthusiasm decreases as you move along and you do not have the total power to become a conqueror of Maya.

Together with serving through words and deeds, you can do a lot of service through the mind, by having pure thoughts and an elevated attitude.
If you do service considering it to be your duty, souls will not have that spiritual awareness. They too will consider it their duty to listen to you, and, having heard you, will go away. If you become merciful and do service with benevolent feelings, those souls would be awakened.

Keep your Companion with you and every difficulty will become easy. The easy method to make the Father your constant Companion is the stage of being one with all rights. (adhikaaripan) Become courageous and you will definitely receive help. See the Father and follow the father and you will constantly experience a life of zeal and enthusiasm. Constantly make the lesson of “one faith and one support” (ek bal ek bharosa) very firm, and you will easily be able to come out of the middle of the ocean and constantly experience your destination to be very close. Constantly remain unshakeable, immovable and stable.

Constantly remember one mantra: If you make the Father your heart’s true Companion, you will constantly experience: I have the Mine of happiness (khushiyon ki khaan) with me. You will constantly be colored with the spiritual color of this company (sang ka ruhaani rang) because the greatest company is that of the Almighty Authority. The praise of satsang (company of the truth) is constantly to have through your intellect the company of the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru. This is true company. You should have the Father’s company at every moment, and, by experiencing this constant company, you will experience yourself to be full.

The reward of the confluence age is to attain God. And the future reward is to attain the deity status. Having found the Father, you have found everything. Always stay in the intoxication of the attainment: “I am a master almighty authority.” Children who have a right constantly sing the song: I have attained whatever I had to attain. (paana tha vah paa liya)

Pandavas are those who maintain the awareness of the Father’s company: The Pandavas had the intoxication of the Father being with them. Because of having the intoxication of the Father’s company, they became those who issued a challenge. The basis of their challenge was the company of the Father. When any type of obstacle of Maya comes, you should become trikaldarshi, that is, you should know everything about why Maya comes and what the method to chase her away is.

The memorial of the Shaktis and Gopikas is their dancing in happiness. A gopika means one who has constant love for the one Gopi Vallabh. The intellect of those who are dancing in happiness would always remain up above. It would not be caught up with the physical world or bodily beings, but it would be in the soul world, in the soul-conscious stage.

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