Murli Essence – 20/10/2013

20/10/13 Omshanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 16/05/77

The necessity of two powers in order to oppose any attack from Maya

Blessing: May you be a flying bird who finds a solution to all problems with unbroken remembrance.

When you have the experience that Baba is yours, you automatically remember what is yours. You don’t consciously have to remember that ‘Mine’ means to have a right. Baba is mine and I am Baba’s. This is known as easy yoga. Be such easy yogis and while remaining lost in the love for remembrance of the one Father, continue to move forward. This unbroken remembrance will find a solution to all problems, make you into a flying bird and take you into the flying stage.

Slogan: Be experienced in churning power and the wealth of knowledge will continue to increase.


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