Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 18/10/2013

Knowledge: The knowledge of elevated karma is the pen with which to draw a line of elevated fortune. This study is very inexpensive and easy. The basis of your status is not whether you are rich or poor, but how you study. Therefore, pay full attention to the study.

Baba has explained that the poor also insure just as much. A wealthy person might have insurance for one hundred thousand and he would receive the return of one hundred thousand. When a poor person insures one rupee, and a wealthy person insures 5000, the return of both is equal. When the poor study well, their status becomes even higher than that of the wealthy. This study is an income. You simply have to know the beginning, the middle and the end of the human world tree. Everything depends on your dharna. Whether you insure yourselves or not is up to you.

Yoga: God speaks: Manmanabhav! Only the Incorporeal says: O souls, remember Me. I am your Father. Remember Me, and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.

The Father says: You have to return home. Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. You have to become soul conscious. Practice very well: I, the soul, am the one who is making this body function. I now have to return home to the Father. The Father says: While walking and moving around, whether sitting or standing, remember Me.

Power is received by the soul. People show their physical power whereas you show your spiritual power. Yours is the power of yoga. When you souls have yoga, you become pure. The soul develops strength.

Double-refined means to have the intoxication of the faith of being incorporeal: I am a soul, a child of the Father; and secondly, to have the intoxication of all relationships in the sakar form. This intoxication and happiness will make you an easy yogi and you will continue to tour around the three worlds.

Dharna: The interactions of knowledgeable souls with everyone are extremely sweet. To have friendship with some and enmity with others is not the qualification of knowledgeable souls. The Father’s shrimat is: Children, become extremely sweet. Shrimat are the versions of God through which you become the most elevated of all deities. Insure everything of yours for 21 births.

Service: Awaken, o brides, awaken! The new world is now being established. Churn knowledge, become trikaldarshi and make others trikaldarshi. Become a stick for the blind and awaken everyone from the sleep of ignorance. Together with that, also blow the conch shell of knowledge.

Points of Self Respect: Trikaldarshi…master oceans of knowledge…the most elevated deities…sticks for the blind…Brahmakumars and kumaris…incognito army…Shiv Shaktis…innocent…masters of heaven…easy yogis…

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