Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 16/10/2013

Knowledge: Ram has gone and Ravan has gone… However many Brahmins there are, there will be that many deities there. There will just be Bharat and there won’t be any other religions. There will just be the sun dynasty; there won’t even be the moon dynasty. The sun dynasty can be called gods and goddesses because they are perfect.

In the golden age, Bharat was elevated, whereas now, it is corrupt. Only those who are elevated take the full 84 births and then become corrupt. Today, Shiv Baba has come and tomorrow, Shri Krishna will come. The kingdom of Rama is not called Paradise. Paradise is the kingdom of Krishna .

Yoga: Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination… Incorporeal Shiv Baba sits here and says to you souls: Remember Me! This is the spiritual pilgrimage. O souls, remember your land of peace, the land of liberation and you will receive the inheritance of heaven. The more you stay in remembrance and become pure, the more blessings you will receive from the parlokik Mother and Father. By receiving blessings you will become constantly happy. While walking and moving around, practice being bodiless. Eat food in remembrance of the one Father.

Dharna: Take blessings from the Mother and Father. Remove your intellect’s yoga from worldly matters and remain a trustee. Follow shrimat and you won’t perform any wrong actions; you will become elevated. Follow the codes of conduct fully and become Maryada Purushottam. Become pure and remain in the elevated company of the one Father.

Leave the pyre of lust and sit on the pyre of knowledge. Become trikaldarshi with this knowledge. Become pure from impure, elevated from corrupt, and beautiful from ugly by studying and attain salvation.

Service: It is very easy to explain knowledge using the pictures. You have to sit and explain to students from deep within. God comes to establish the golden age, so become His helpers in this task.

Points of Self Respect: The masters of heaven…trikaldarshi…the most elevated beings following the highest codes of conduct…the victorious ones…

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