Murli Essence – 16/10/2013

Essence: Sweet children, the more you stay in remembrance and become pure, the more blessings you will receive from the parlokik Mother and Father. By receiving blessings you will become constantly happy.

Question: What advice does the Father give all of you children and thereby saves you from performing wrong actions?

Answer: Baba advises you: Children, keep all the wealth and prosperity you have with you, but live as a trustee. You have been saying: O God, all of this is Yours! God gave you a son, He gave you wealth and so God now says: Remove your intellect’s yoga from all of that and remain a trustee. Follow shrimat and you won’t perform any wrong actions; you will become elevated.

Song: Take blessings from the Mother and Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. While walking and moving around, practise being bodiless. Eat food in remembrance of the one Father.
2. Take blessings from the Mother and Father. Remain a trustee. Don’t perform any wrong actions.

Blessing: May you be a number one victorious one and become a most elevated being by following the highest code of conduct and constantly fly in the flying stage.

The sign of number one is to win in every situation. Such a soul is not defeated in anything, but is constantly victorious. If, while moving along, you are ever defeated, the reason for that is your fluctuation in following the codes of conduct. However, this confluence age is the age for becoming a highest being by following the highest code of conduct. You are not one who is simply a man or woman, but one who is the highest: constantly maintain this awareness and you will continue to be in the flying stage and not stay down below. Those who are in the flying stage are able to overcome all problems in a second.

Slogan: Remain in the elevated company of the one Father and no other company will be able to influence you.


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