Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 11/10/2013

Knowledge: The Supreme Father the Supreme Soul is the Father of all souls.Our soul is also incorporeal. We became corporeal after coming here. “I am a soul”- I shed bodies and take others. It is said: A great soul, a charitable soul. The body is perishable whereas the soul is imperishable. You have two fathers: one is a perishable father who gives birth to a perishable body. The other is the imperishable Father of imperishable souls.

Yoga: The Father’s shrimat is: Belong to the one Father and none other. Simply remember Me and don’t perform any sinful actions and you will be liberated from being punished in the jail of a womb. Have the faith that you are souls and that those are your bodies. Remember Me, do not perform any sinful actions and become conquerors of attachment.

God speaks: Manmanabhav! Remember Me and your sins will be absolved and you will receive wings with which to fly. Remember the Father for as long as you live and claim your right to an inheritance. Don’t be concerned about anything.

Dharna: It is pure ones who are praised. Become conquerors of attachment. Transform the stone intellect to a divine intellect. Make effort to attain your kingdom or attain your fortune of the kingdom of Bharat once again. Become the conquerors of Maya, and thus the conquerors of the world. Instead of taking the crooked path of a question mark, put a full stop of benefit and be benevolent.

You have promised: I will stay with You, I will live with You and return with You…” With the awareness of this promise, remain constantly combined, that is, stay with the Father, and become easy yogis, constant yogis, constantly easy yogis and become angelic forms who go into the flying stage.

Service: Do the service of making Bharat into heaven by using your body, mind and wealth according to shrimat and show everyone the way to be liberated from Ravan. You are spiritual social workers. Your names are remembered as Anapurna (Goddess of food), Durga, Kali etc.

Points of Self Respect: Masters of the world… Brahmakumar and kumaris…one hundred times fortunate…actors…prices and princesses…salutations to the mothers…spiritual social workers…raj Rishis…easy yogis…constant yogis…angels…benefactors…

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