Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 04/10/2013

Knowledge: The Unlimited Father explains, everything is included in this study: it has knowledge, yoga, an education and also devotion. In the golden age, there is neither devotion nor knowledge. At the confluence age, there is both knowledge and devotion whereas from the copper age onwards, just devotion continued.

The Father is the Creator of all. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are residents of the subtle region. A new world is created and so Prajapita Brahma is definitely needed. The one from the subtle region cannot come here. That one is the perfect subtle Brahma. The corporeal Brahma is needed here. Brahmins are created through Brahma. The Father adopts this one and then changes his name to Prajapita Brahma. That one is subtle and this one is physical. They say that you sometimes call Dada Brahma, sometimes God and sometimes Krishna. However, this one cannot be called God, but he can be called Brahma and Krishna because Krishna then becomes ugly. So, when it is the night, he is called Brahma and, when it is the day, he is called Krishna. This is the final birth of the Krishna soul and the form of Shri Krishna is the first birth.

Yoga: For as long as you live, you have to continue to have yoga.
Remember the unlimited Father. All three – knowledge, devotion and disinterest – are included in this. This is a new study.

Yoga can also be called devotion because you children stay in unadulterated remembrance. Your remembrance includes knowledge and this is why it is called yoga. You now receive knowledge, you have yoga and you also have disinterest in the unlimited world.

By connecting our intellect’s yoga to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, we will go to the Father. Your sins are absolved with remembrance of the Father. There, they sacrifice themselves at Kashi and their sins are thereby absolved.

Knowledge is more elevated than going into trance. There is an income earned in yoga and your sins are absolved. There is no income in trance. When sins are absolved you can fly. You cannot become healthy and wealthy without knowledge and yoga. Knowledge is easy, and effort has to be made to become ever-healthy and free from disease.

This is a spiritual race. Keep on remembering Shiv Baba. You are the true decoration of the Brahmin clan who are yogi and gyani.

Dharna: Become viceless and also attain the karmateet stage.

Whilst living at home with your family, you also have to become a conqueror of attachment. At the same time you have to fulfil your responsibilities to everyone and live like a lotus flower. In order to imbibe, you definitely have to donate the wealth of knowledge. Accumulate your income with knowledge and yoga, but don’t have any desires for going into trance or having visions.

Inculcate purity in your thoughts, words and deeds. Become an elevated effort-maker who claims number one with the blessing of a divine intellect and spiritual vision.

Service: It is said that daughter shows (reveals) mother. The mother would not sit and talk to anyone. This mother is incognito; that Mama is visible. It is the duty of you Shaktis, you children, to show the mother.

Points of Self Respect: Brahmakumars and kumaris…maharathis…the kings of kings… the true decorations of the Brahmin clan…Shaktis…elevated effort-makers…


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