Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 03/10/2013

Knowledge: It is said that God’s ways and means are unique. ‘Gati’ is said to be liberation. After liberation there is liberation-in-life. God is One. He is called the Mother and Father. He comes and adopts you. This parlokik Mother and Father is the One who teaches you the exchange of nectar.

Those who sleep lose out. If you have surrendered yourselves but don’t do service and simply continue to eat and drink, you use up and finish what you got. The Father explains: the consequence not doing service and eating for free is that your status would be destroyed for cycle after cycle. If you don’t do service, you won’t be able to claim a high status. Those who live at home with their families and do service receive a very high status. Everything depends on studying and teaching others.

Yoga: You have to return to the sweet home by leaving your body and becoming bodiless. Therefore, forget bodily religions and relations, break the consciousness of your body, and consider yourself to be bodiless. Maintain this practice.

The Incorporeal Father says, remember Me. Stop remembering worldly parents and remember the parlokik Mother and Father. The aprons of those who are worthy will be filled. They will remember the Father.

You children simply have to remember two words: Allah, Alpha, and beta, the sovereignty. By simply remembering one Alpha, you received the sovereignty. When you have found Alpha, it means you have found the butter and all the rest is buttermilk. The Father says: Manmanabhav, madhyajibhav. Remember Me and you will receive the sovereignty. It is also mentioned in the Granth: Chant the name of Alpha and you will receive the sovereignty. Beta means the butter of the sovereignty. They show butter in the mouth of Krishna.

Dharna: If you want to be the masters of heaven, you definitely have to become pure. Constantly continue to fly in the flying stage with awareness.
There is peace in silence and happiness in peace. Stay in silence and follow shrimat. Each one of you has to look at your own face: What am I worthy of becoming?

Service: Baba says: If you want to make your fortune elevated, do service. You Brahmins have to study and teach others. You have to relate the true Gita. Give others the teachings that you have received from the Father. Make others the same as yourself. You definitely have to do eight hours of service. You are true Brahmins. You have to relate the truth and enable others to have true attainment.

Points of Self Respect: The emperors and empresses of paradise…the masters of the world…the masters of heaven…the long lost and now found children…the true Brahmins…the masters of the land of truth…the sensible children…princes…incarnated souls…angels…elevated souls…intense effort-makers…


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