Murli Essence – 03/10/2013

Essence: Sweet children, everything the Father tells you is new for the new world. He gives you new directions and this is why His ways and means are remembered as unique.
Question: In which aspect does the merciful Father caution all you children to make your fortune elevated?

Answer: Baba says: If you want to make your fortune elevated, do service. If you simply eat and sleep and don’t do service, you won’t be able to make your fortune elevated. To eat without doing service is being deceitful. Therefore, Baba cautions you. Everything depends on how you study. You Brahmins have to study and teach others. You have to relate the true Gita. The Father has mercy for you and this is why He continues to enlighten you about everything.

Song: From the day that You and I met, everything has seemed new. (Jabse mile hum tum, naya din laage, nayi raat laage re)

Essence for dharna:
1. You have to return to the sweet home. Therefore, forget bodily religions and relations and consider yourself to be bodiless. Maintain this practice.
2. Give others the teachings that you have received from the Father. Make others the same as yourself. You definitely have to do eight hours of service.

Blessing: May you be an angel residing in the sky and constantly remain in an elevated stage while considering yourself to be an incarnation (avtarit)that has incarnated.

Just as the Father has incarnated, in the same way, you elevated souls have incarnated down here from up above in order to give a message, for you are residents of the subtle region and the incorporeal world. The feet of your intellects cannot stay in the mud of body consciousness or on the earth and this is why the feet of the angels are always shown above the ground. All of you are residents of the sky, the incarnations who have incarnated from an elevated stage. Constantly continue to fly in the flying stage with this awareness.

Slogan: Only intense effort-making children engaged in self-transformation receive congratulations in the form of blessings from the Father.


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