Soul Sustenance – 01/10/2013

Reaping The Benefits Of Meditation 

Rajayoga meditation gives the intellect the power to select those positive sanskaras which lead to the higher emotions, calm and clear thoughts, and the pure desire to enjoy life in such a way that no sorrow is experienced for the self and no sorrow is given to others.

The practitioner of meditation calms the mind and experiences sanskaras which in most people surface only occasionally as they are deeper than the superficial (shallow) memories of worldly experiences. These are the pure and powerful sanskaras relating to the original nature of the soul – peace, purity, power and contentment. Consciousness (the soul) has the same property as light; a powerful force with distinct qualities yet having no gravitational mass. In fact, the only pull or burden on the soul is the result of its own impure thoughts and negative actions.

When the above mentioned original sanskaras are experienced then love and happiness are also experienced automatically. After some regular practice, the practitioner has the intellectual power to consciously emerge these sanskaras into daily life at any time. In a situation which would lead most people to experience negative moods or emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety, boredom, fatigue, hatred or aggression, the practitioner becomes detached and emerges the inner powers of contentment and tranquility (peacefulness). This of course is beneficial not only for the self but also to others.


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