Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/10/2013

Knowledge: Incorporeal God speaks through the body of Brahma. You should make this first thing firm: it is not a human being teaching you here. Incorporeal God is teaching you. This is the incorporeal Godfatherly University. This can only sit in your intellect when your body consciousness is removed. When it is not in your fortune, you are unable to imbibe.

Yoga: With the help of the power of yoga, become soul conscious. Forget your body and all bodily relations, have the faith that you are a soul and remember Me, your Father. It is very easy to remember. The Father says: Come to the sweet home. No one, apart from Me, can take you there. In order to see the final scenes with your physical eyes, become yogyukt.

Dharna: From shells transform to diamonds and from ordinary men transform to deities. Lust is the great enemy; you have to conquer this. In the Gita, too, it says: God speaks; Lust is the great enemy. The Father says: Become pure and you will become kings of kings. Listen to the truth from only the one Father. Hear no evil, see no evil. For self-transformation, finish all traces of the limited and whoever you look at or whoever sees you should experience the intoxication of the emperor of the unlimited.

Service: We promise that we will always remain pure and make Bharat pure. Only those who become pure and make others pure will claim a high status. The secrets of this spiritual pilgrimage also have to be explained to your friends and relatives. You have been on physical pilgrimages for birth after birth. This spiritual pilgrimage only takes place once. Everyone has to return home.

When children have courage, the Father helps. You have to become the true, spiritual Salvation Army and salvage Bharat from the vices. Become the Father’s helpers and do spiritual social service.

Points of Self Respect: The masters of the land of truth…the incognito gopikas…Brahmakumars and kumaris…ones with a broad and unlimited intellect…God’s helpers…the spiritual Salvation army…the form of shaktis…Shiv Shakti Pandava Army…the masters of the world…the spiritual social workers…the emperors of the unlimited…


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