Murli Essence – 01/10/2013

Essence: Sweet children, you will be able to stay in constant happiness when you have full faith that you are listening to the versions of God alone and that God Himself is teaching you.

Question: According to the drama, what plans and preparations is everyone making?

Answer: At this time, everyone is making plans to produce so much grain in so many years and make Delhi and Bharat into New Delhi and New Bharat. However, they continue to make preparations for death. The garland of death is around the neck of the whole world. It is said: Human beings want one thing and something else happens. The Father has His own plan and human beings have their own plans.

Song: Someone made me belong to Him and taught me how to smile.

Essence for dharna:
1. You have to become the true, spiritual Salvation Army and salvage Bharat from the vices. Become the Father’s helpers and do spiritual social service.
2. Listen to the truth from only the one Father. Hear no evil, see no evil. In order to see the final scenes with your physical eyes, become yogyukt.

Blessing: May you be an emperor of the unlimited by placing your steps in Father Brahma’s footsteps and merging the limited into the unlimited.

To follow the father means to merge “mine” into “Yours” and the limited into the unlimited. There is now a need to place your steps in those footsteps. Everyone’s thoughts, words and service should now be experienced to be unlimited. For self-transformation, finish all traces of the limited and whoever you look at or whoever sees you should experience the intoxication of the emperor of the unlimited. You may have service and centres, but there should be no name or trace of the limited. Only then will you attain the throne of the kingdom of the world.

Slogan: Let your thoughts be royal and then your time will not be wasted in trivial matters.


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