Soul Sustenance – 27/09/2013

The Journey Of Time (cont.) 

We also see in nature that everything new becomes old. Nothing ever starts old and becomes new. All material possessions including the human body, all political movements, religious movements, different philosophies etc. move from a state of newness to a state of oldness or decay. This is on a micro level. When we apply this principle and process on a macro level to the world as a whole, we can then easily understand why we live in an ‘old world’ – a world with scientific progress but overused, misused, tired and where many sectors are simply worn out. This process is sometimes known as entropy. The Law of Entropy states that a closed system moves from order to disorder or chaos, when the energy inside it reduces because it is not renewed or re-energized from a source outside that system. On a physical level, the sun sustains and re-energizes the systems of nature on the physical Earth every day. But in the recent past our exploitation of the world has started to become faster than the world’s ability to renew or re-energize. We now use the trapped energy in our physical world much faster than the sun can replace it.

Tomorrow, we shall explain how the Law of Entropy can be applied to spiritual energy and our virtues.


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