Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 27/09/2013

Knowledge: A soul is the form of a point. The part of 84 births is recorded in such a tiny soul. One second cannot be the same as the next. These things are nature. The whole part is in the point. In other plays, the whole roles remain in the intellects of those who are to play their parts. Those are small roles. The soul is such a tiny point and yet it is so powerful.

Yoga: Forget remembering your own bodies and everyone else and recognise the Father accurately as He is and what He is and consider yourselves to be points and remember the Father, in the form of a point. You have to break your intellect’s yoga away from limited fathers. Keep the Father in your heart and maintain the happiness of receiving the property. Just think about how tiny a soul is and how it has such an imperishable part recorded in it. Become a point and stay in remembrance of the Father, a point. It is easy to become bodiless for those who have true love for the one Father.

Dharna: The Father’s orders are: While living together, you have to remain pure. You definitely have to become completely pure. You have to donate the five vices, but the main one is lust which you have to conquer completely. Only by remembering the Almighty Authority and following His directions do you receive strength for this.

Service: You have to understand this role of 84 births very well and you also need clever ways of explaining to others. Become merciful and save all souls from the many types of fire. Create a place for sharing knowledge in every street and give everyone a destination.

Points of Self Respect: the Merciful Ones…


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